There are two talkative NPCs in The Final Stand 2, consisting of the Cashier and the Mobile Shop Dealer. The Cashier gives actual advice while the Mobile Shop Dealer's lines consists of more cryptic information.


The Cashier is the NPC behind the desk on the first floor of the Shop. He randomly chooses a piece of advice from his list every 30 seconds.

Afterburn will deal its damage over 4 seconds and make Zombies move faster!
Armoured zombies have burlap clothes and take less damage from their body armour!
At levels 5, 15 and 30 you unlock a new perk slot. Use them!
Bleed will deal its damage over 5 seconds.
Boomers have green clothes, a larger stomach and explode on death!
Can't kill them fast enough? Aim for headshots, upgrade your weapons or get some red perks!
Crawlers have blue clothes, are harder to hit and move fast!
Long arms have white clothes and can attack you from further away!
Keep failing a night? Try upgrading the shop, building a barricade or buying some extra lives from the menu store!
Need some help out there? Pickup a sentry gun or hire a sniper!
Not enough money? Buy some more from the menu store or get some yellow perks!
Poison will deal its damage over 6 seconds and make Zombies move slower!
Remember to upgrade your perks! Perks cost 2 Perk Points for level 2 and 3 Perk points for level 3!
Start watching the tunnel after your 10th night, Wraiths can come from there and are harder to spot!
Those blue zombies seem to be a lot faster than the others but go down a lot easier!
Those green zombies seem to be a lot slower than the others but can take and deal damage like a tank!
Those red zombies are fast, take lots of shots and hurt like a truck. Thankfully they're less common than the others!
Want something to better suit your playstyle? Check out the green perks!

Mobile Shop Dealer

The Mobile Shop Dealer is the NPC beside the Mobile Shop when it arrives once every 5 days, starting from Day 6. She always says the same thing on the same day.

She runs out of things to say past Day 31.

Day Advice
6 I'll be back here in 5 days, if you want anything you'd better save up.
6 (Arctic only?) I heard some noises coming from those cave, best keep an eye out.
11 I'd keep my eye on those tunnels if I were you tonight, not quite sure what I saw.
16 Their strength has been speeding up exponentially recently, you might need some more firepower.
21 I saw some real freaks on my way here, they were quite slow at first but came sprinting a minute later.
26 I haven't noticed their numbers increase over the last few nights, but they're still growing stronger.
31+ I'll keep coming back here, as long as you keep yourselves alive.
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