100px BAR is part of the WWII.

You must own the respective gamepass in order to purchase the BAR.

The BAR is an WW2 weapon that you need to get the WW2 gamepass, To be able To buy this weapon, And its Some Of the strongest weapons in the WWII Pack, And its some of the Cheapest LMGS.

Description: Heavy Hitting, Low Capacity. Price:37500 Damage: 350 (x2) Max Accurancy: 50% > 88% Range: 375 Ammo Efficiency: 50% (2) Attack Speed: 500 Min Accurancy: 0 > 60 Magazine :20 Weight: 5 Reload Time: 2.33s Recoil: 8>4 Ammo: 240

  • Upgradable to 2.5 pierce (3.95 pierce with 6 level 5 piercing mods + level 4 Deep Pierce)
  • Upgradable to 550 damage, and x2 headshot multiplier
  • +30% attack speed upgrade
  • Because of pierce, probably on par with M4 and SCAR-H for damage, but quite a bit more recoil.
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