Survivalist Pack Bear Trap is part of the Survivalist Pack.

You must own the respective gamepass in order to purchase the Bear Trap.

Basics Edit

A bear trap that has be repurposed into trapping zombies instead of bears. It can only trap one zombie at a time and will need 10 seconds in order for it to be rearmed. Can be upgraded to not require manually rearming and to only trap special zombies.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Automatic Traps1 Your traps will automatically arm themselves. Auto Arm: Yes 1 $3,000
Barbed Spikes Enemies hit will start to bleed, moving slower and taking damage over time. Bleed +1000 2 $2,500
Sharpened Spikes Increases the damage of your Bear Traps. Damage +50% 3 $4,000
Durable Springs Increases the number of times your Bear Traps can activate. Durability +5 2 $5,000
Trapper Increases the maximum number of Bear Traps you can place and hold. Max Amount +1 3 $2,000
Hardened Springs2 Increases the snare duration of the Bear Trap. Snare Duration +1 2 $3,000
Special Traps Makes your Bear Traps only activate against special enemies. Specials Only: Yes 1 $2,500

Strategies Edit

  • You'll need to be near a bear trap in order to manually rearm it. Anyone can rearm the trap, not just yourself.
    • It may be wiser to buy Automatic Traps instead of Hardened Springs because it removes the requirement of rearming the traps.
  • Destroyers and Lurkers will only be snared by half the snare time due to their 50% resistance against all deployables.
  • If this stops killing zombies in one hit, with all the damage you can, 7000 damage, stop utilizing this.

Trivia Edit

  • Bear Traps will be red when upgraded w/ Special Traps.
  • Bear Traps used to have a glitch where they would give out large amount of money upon a snare. This was patched in v4.3.2.

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