The Car-15 is an assault rifle type weapon. A great weapon, but you have to spend 500 robux to get the Demolitions pack because it's included in this pack.

-Specific information: (including the following)

-Type: Assault Rifle

-Price: $60,000

-Based: M4J9

-The ammunition: 30 bullets

-Especially: There's a small grenade launcher under the barrel

-Advantages: Extremely high damage with super fast fire rate, and also comes with the ability to kill a number of zombies when they chase you. Ammo is also pretty quick to change.

-Defect: What worries you is that the price is too expensive and, like Skorpion, when there are only 30 bullets and the rate of fire is extremely fast. Running out of ammo is just a matter of time. So it's best to just have some spare rifles ready first.

-Conclude: The Car-15 is a pretty good weapon to use. It is completely worth what you spend. With a fast rate of fire, it also deals great damage to the zombies, even causing damage in the area.
But the first thing you need to do with the Car-15 is to upgrade the magazine capacity along with the reload speed. And in case you just bought a Car-15 and it's your only weapon, and you're running out of money. It is best to stand on the roof and fire bullets on the zombies below, don't be foolish to go down and shoot each other at close range with them. You will regret it!

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