Basics Edit

Caltrops are deployable spikes that can be placed, and deal damage when zombies walk over them. Deals a fairly high amount of damage, and can be placed in quantity.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Barbed Spikes Enemies hit will start to bleed, moving slower and taking damage over time. Bleed +800 1 $4000
Sharpened Spikes Increases the damage of your Caltrops Damage +25% 4 $1750
Hardened Spikes Increases the durability of your Caltrops. Durability x2 2 $2500(1) $5000(2)
Trapper Increases the maximum number of Caltrops you can place and hold. Max Amount +3 2 $2500

Strategies Edit

  • If you have a Barricade, place these in front of the Barricade to increase its lifespan.
  • If you are camping at the Ammo Box, placing these nearby can help with rushes.
  • They are able to hit wraiths

Placing them at right places on the path can defend against Wraiths and zombies on some maps, as they initially follow a fixed path.

With the Barbed Spikes upgrade, Wraiths will create blood particles, making them easier to spot.

Trivia Edit

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