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The Weapons

Laser weapons boast the ability to have infinite ammo. Infinite ammo in turn would allow you to never need to fall back for ammo making you able to mag dump with no remorse. But the downside is that they need to "cool off", "cooling" a gun is how they reload, where your ammo rapidly returns to your clip but takes longer than a simple reload would. They also usually have low damage requiring extensive amounts of cash to make it viable (keep in mind you can only mod a weapon every 5th night). The laser pistol is looked down upon as it is a noob magnet.

The Shop(s)

The shop or van that sells them only opens (drives in) every 5th night (after killing the boss) or has a 10% - 50% chance of showing up after buying the shop upgrade "Monetary Incentive". Additionally you must purchase an upgrade to have her provide 3 extra weapons (SMG, shotgun and sword), there is also one upgrade required for the "powerhouse" of the laser weapons the Laser Minigun. It requires a specific upgrade to purchase and unfortunately there can only be one laser minigun per server (If you purchase the upgrades she will not have them until her next visit meaning that if you buy it while she's there she will not magically have the extra stock/Laser minigun).

The swamp map has a special secret shop in the rightmost path (closest to shop) and opens at night leaving you open to attack while you shop. He sells 4 random weapons and has 2 exclusive weapons although he does not sell all weapons at the same time. The Plasma Grenade Launcher & Plasma Rocket Launcher are his exclusive weapons. The secret shop sells only 4 weapons at a time one "green" weapon, one "blue" weapon, one "purple" weapon and one "red" weapon these may or may not change each night meaning it is possible to have the same laser weapon show up on your next visit. The swamp map doesn't have the extra stock upgrade or the black market upgrade as he automatically randomly sells all laser weapons except for the laser minigun, he does not sell it at all.

Here is a list of all Laser Weapons in the game there are 9 in total.

Laser Pistol (Green)

Laser SMG (Green)

Laser Rifle (Blue)

Laser Shotgun (Blue)

Energy Rifle (Purple)

Energy Sword (Purple)

Plasma Grenade Launcher (Red)

Plasma Rocket Launcher (Red)

Laser Minigun

All items (9)