Launchers are a type of weapon that launch a missile, or grenade.

These weapons tend to be more useful in later waves, as they serve the main purpose of killing large sums of zombies, and crowd control, something that can’t be achieved in the early game. They can also serve as support, using Air Burst, and more.

Their one main drawback has to be reloading, as most of them do not contain more than 1 or 2 grenades/missiles.

Here is a list of all the Launchers in the game there are 7 in total:




Rocket Launcher


Plasma Rocket Launcher

Plasma Grenade Launcher

  • A level 4 Deep Mags perk provides an extra shot for 1 clip firearms and launchers (only a few weapons like the Crossbow will reload the entire magazine, while others like the M79 must reload one shot at a time).
  • Shadow Rounds another useful perk with single-shot weapons as the free shot effectively skips a reload.
  • The Implosion perk Increases your explosive damage but decreases your total explosive radius (15% up to 40% extra damage).
  • Opposite the the implosion perk the Fireworks perk increases the explosive radius (5% - 20% bigger).
  • The danger close perk Increases your explosive damage (12% - 30% explosive damage), but enables 2% self damage (that scales with total dmg) although launchers that deal 5,000+ damage will instantly kill you.
  • Cluster bombs gives you a chance to spawn additional explosives upon detonation, dealing 50% damage with 50% radius (7% - 28% chance).
  • Air burst is a semi useful perk that temporarily stuns zombies when they're hit by a mid air explosion although you cannot stun the same zombie twice (0.4 - 1.6 seconds of stunning).

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