Survivalist Pack Compound Bow is part of the Survivalist Pack.

You must own the respective gamepass in order to purchase the Compound Bow.

Not to be confused with the Crossbow.

Basics Edit

The Compound Bow is a bow included in the Survivalist Pack. Unlike any other weapon the Compound Bow can be charged by holding down the trigger.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Lucky Arrow Adds a chance for your weapon to critically hit. Critical CHance + 5% 3 $4,000
AP Arrows Increases the damage of your arrows. Damage +175 4 $11,250
Large Quiver Increases the amount of arrows you can carry. Arrows +25 2 $12,500
Piercing Arrows Your arrows will pierce through enemies. Pierce +1 1 $20,000
Poison Tips Enemies hit will become poisoned, moving slower and taking damage over time. Poison +800 3 $7,000
HV Arrows Increases the velocity of your arrows. Velocity +25% 2 $5,000

Strategies Edit

  • How long you charge the Compound Bow will impact the accuracy and velocity of your arrows. Arrows will start at minimum accuracy and 0 velocity and will linearly reach maximum accuracy and full velocity until full charged.
    • If you're close enough you can preemptively fire the bow without it fully charging.
  • There is no way to shorten the charge time, but there are ways to make partially charged shots viable such as buying HV Arrows, using Long Range, and Bullseye.
  • Due to the latent nature of projectile weapons, an arrow from a Compound Bow will sometimes phase through a zombie dealing no damage. Aiming down sights is recommended to reduce the chances of this happening because projectiles fire from the tip of the weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • Buying Poison Tips colors your arrows green.

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