Custom Music

Custom Music is a gamepass that can be purchased for 399 ROBUX. It allows the user to change the in-game music based on the Music ID. This function can be accessed by clicking on the 'Music' tab in the 'Settings' menu.

Basics Edit


The Custom Music window with the default music.

With the gamepass players can choose which music will be played based on the occasion in-game. You can additionally adjust the pitch and volume of each music track. Every owner's custom music library is independent from other players and they can only be hear from their own music library.
The list below defines when which music is played in-game.

  • Menu - In-game menu (not the start menu).
  • Day - Daytime (6:00 - 17:29).
  • Night Intro - Nighttime start (17:30).
  • Night - Nighttime after Night Intro (17:30 - 5:59).
  • Blood Day - Daytime (every 5th day, 6:00 - 17:29).
  • Blood Night Intro - Nighttime start (every 5th day, 17:30).
  • Blood Night - Nighttime after Night Intro (every 5th day, 17:30 - 5:59).

Owners of the gamepass can change the music of the radio which is located to the right of the shopkeeper. Unlike the other music tracks, anyone can hear the music in the radio. The track for the radio is dependent to the server, so anyone with the Custom Music gamepass in the same server can change the radio music. This music must be free in the Roblox asset library and it can not be a music provided by APM Music.

You can also borrow a music library from other players which will replace your existing music library with the player your borrowed from. This is only useful with other players with the Custom Music gamepass, as borrowing a music library from a player without the Custom Music gamepass will revert your music library to the default.

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