Basics Edit

A smaller box of ammo for when the Ammo Box is too far. Is set to Team by default, but can be toggled so that only you can refill from it.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Ammo Capacity Increases the ammo capacity of the Ammo Box. Ammo x2 3 $2,500
Speed Hands Reduces the time taken to refill your weapons. Refill Time -25% 1 $750

Strategies Edit

  • The ammo is very limited. If used to refill an ammo inefficient weapon (i.e. Micro Uzi & Minigun), then the ammo box will be depleted very quickly.
  • Obviously, place it as far from the Ammo Box as deemed safe. If you place it too far forwards, it will never be safe to use it.
  • If you think even a maxed Ammo Box won't sustain the night, bring some of these to ensure your team does not run out of ammo.

Trivia Edit

  • You could hypothetically fit around 27 Deployable Ammos in the Ammo Box, meaning that it is 3.375x more space-efficient than the Ammo Box when both are fully upgraded.
  • The ammo inside is shown as a single yellow brick.
  • The ammo visibly decreases in height when ammo is withdrawn.

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