The Final Stand 2 was developed by B_Ketchup and is a sequel to The Final Stand.

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, left click to shoot, V for melee, G for donations and approximate key (left of 1) to change the numeric controls of weapons or remove them from your inventory.

Your objective is to survive waves of zombies with three lives. After using them up, you'll be forced to start again. Zombies will compound in health every wave, so you need to upgrade your weapons and perks.

You fight these zombies with various different weapons, from pistols to miniguns to chainsaws to traps. They will be imperative in specific loadouts once you grasp a basic concept about the game. You can buff these weapons with perks and mods, which I'll talk about later.

There are 5 different difficulties. You can refer to them in

Perks have 3 levels. You can unlock them for 1 perk point, then upgrade them to level 2 and 3 for 2 and 3 perk points respectively. Prestiging can upgrade a perk to level 4, but will restart you to level 1 from the maximum of level 50 (can only be done once).

Mods have 5 levels. You can recieve them by surviving waves. 4 mods can be upgraded to a tier higher by combining them. However, negative effects start to compound from level 2.

If you want to get good in this game join the discord server. the link is under social links under the game page (if you cant find it look above vip servers and its under the info for amount of people playing and stuff)

This guide is for all levels of players.



These will be useful if things go south.

Always bring Life Leech if you want to be anywhere near the front line (maybe pair with Vampirism when people are stealing your kills), except if you're such a veteran that you never get hit by zombies.

When the shop is about to be overrun, and you have no ammo, jump down from the roof, attract zombies, and begin running to the tunnel. Doing this might potentially save you a life. The Last Stand upgrade in your armor will kill those zombies that are attracted to you, further buying time (but not bosses, who only get 25% health damage from The Last Stand upgrade).

The Escape Artist perk can make this last for a while with 3 lives at level 3

Watch out for wraiths. Get a sniper guy to fight them off. On Nightmare mode, wraiths spawn in at night 6 and much quicker (so you might require a permanent position for wraiths), which's even worse on Impossible mode, spawning at night 1 (you might need a Tank class to attract them, and someone else to kill them)

Always run straight and avoid turning as much as possible when you're retreating. Running like a snake, while sensible in real life, only makes zombies get you quicker since they're coded to always run straight toward us

Energy and experimental drinks are a should buy. Energy drinks give you that boost to stamina to buy time and to get in the fray quicker after refilling ammo. When upgraded, you can even run infinitely for 8 second, in case you're about to be overrun. Experimental drinks give you that headshot bonus to conserve ammo to conserve energy drinks needed to get in the fray quickly. It's almost like Shadow Rounds but you're increasing damage to save ammo.

Always aim for the head to get that headshot damage boost. It can range from x1 in the Classic Pack to x8 for a fully upgraded crossbow in the Pirates VS Ninjas pack. But usually it'll fall between x2 and x4 headshot damage boost, depending on the weapon.

Damage multiplier increase from perks isn't calculated one after the other. Instead, we take all the percentage boosts together and add them with 1. Example, if I have level 3 Stopping Power and Heavy Bullets, and apply this damage boost to a pistol, it's [30*(1+0.15+0.21)] = 40.8 damage. Suppose we have level 3 Marksman, then headshot damage is 40.8*2*1.2=97.92 damage.

This is especially imperative for stuff like the Flintlock Pistol, since level 4 Stopping Power, Heavy Bullets, maxed out Head Hunter, Glass Cannon (if you're a veteran) as well as Marksman =847.8 damage, enough to justify it for utilization in Impossible difficulty.

If lady luck's smiling on ya, you can fill in every non-damage perk with grit perks since they stack over headshots (who knows, 12x the damage huh). One more thing, critical perks STACK on headshots, so don't be afraid to replace non-damage perks with them (even Escape Artist if you're a veteran)


Once you grabbed a basic concept, you have to start diversifying if you want to advance in this game. 

We have several main loadouts such as Frontline, Sniper, Explosive, Technician, Melee, Priest and Tanker.


Easy, with this loadout you're expected to go out to the front and defend it. You will be the main defender, making sure the zombies don't overrun the shop. You'll also thin enemy ranks before they reach your melee guy.  

Weapons: Edit

Your advantage is that you are versatile, able to pick almost any weapon if they are sufficient enough to fight zombies, from pistols to shotguns to miniguns. Just play according to your style here but don't use snipers, they're too slow.

Tips: Edit

Keep your distance, around 50 studs will be alright.

Aim for the head, like always.

Perks: Edit

The perks I recommend aren't in order. And this assumes level 3 perks.

Life Leech: Edit

5.25 health per kill which means you can get from 16 to 100 health in 16 kills, great right?

Heavy Bullets: Edit

21% extra damage and accuracy but more recoil and slower attack speed.

Marksman: Edit

20% extra headshot damage with 20% less body/limb damage. I mean, we all aim >90% headshots in the frontline except for minigunners.

Stopping Power: Edit

15% extra damage, no strings attached.

Skull Combustion: Edit

18% chance to have 16 studs of area of effect explosion. You can kill a dozen zombies with one explosion if used correctly (only if your weapon can 2-shot). Or, if your weapon can't 2-shot,

Glass Cannon: Edit

24% damage, if you're technically in the frontline but 70 studs back. This is a high risk high reward perk.

(maybe) Head Hunter: Edit

At update 4.2.0, they pretty much nerfed Marksman, so if you're that extraordinary dude who lands >99% headshots (sometimes I can) then go ahead, or if you have an Elite slot.

(maybe) Bandolier: Edit

If you've utilized every damage perk possible, then I'd say yes, especially for minigun/Desert Eagle users.

(maybe) Trailblazer: Edit

Past wave 20, if you're on the frontline, you'd be required to retreat lest get overrun, so might as well potentially slaughter some zombies while doing so.

Critical Perks: Edit

Exchange any of these with any non-damage perks if you want.

Lucky Charm: Edit

7.5% critical chance, on top of headshots, why not?

Concealed Carry: Edit

If your weapon has a weight of 4 or below, use it over Lucky Charm, with 15% max crit chance if the weight is 3 or below.

Critical Plus: Edit

Increases the damage of critical hits by 90% at tier 3, though only use it if the critical chance is 30%+

Unlucky Shot: Edit

Increases critical chance at 0.4%*tier, up to x20 depending on critical chance, which should be only used if your crit chance is 20% or below.

Mods: Edit

It depends on the situation, but ideally this should all be in priority, with the first ones mentioned being first.

CQB mod: Edit

5% extra damage but 4% less range and accuracy, but who cares about the range since it's the frontline, and accuracy because the Heavy Bullets perk compensates. But don't use it too much, unless you are within like 30 studs of the zombies.

Heavy mod Edit

This is controversal. 5% extra damage with 3% less attack speed. It just somewhat edges out the Glass mod because of resistance. But I mean your attack speed is already compromised, so you might want to use this for a Minigun/SMG and less for a shotgun.

Glass mod Edit

5% extra damage for 5% extra damage taken. I mean, with 6 of these maxed out you can get the same boost as Glass Cannon while only taking 30% extra damage. I'd say it's worth it as long as you keep killing (except with Glass Cannon on)


You're the guy who stays back and snipes from across the map. You'll be the one that shoots boomers, toxic(the one with glowing arms), berserkers, wraiths, destroyers and the Boss. Wraiths and the Boss for everyone, the first four for the melee, sixth for the shop,

Weapons: Edit

Rifles and sniper rifles.

Tips: Edit

Always aim for the head.

Perks: Edit


Marksman: Edit

20% headshot damage

Head Hunter: Edit

Since you have the accuracy of a sniper rifle, might as well capitalize on that 4% bonus. After all, you chose this role, you're expected to land headshots 100% of the time.

Glass Cannon: Edit

You're almost certainly at the back/roof so you won't get damaged. 24% damage boost put to good use.

Heavy Bullets: Edit

21% more damage and accuracy in trade for attack speed and recoil. I mean, sniper rifles and rifles are already slow and have big recoil, right?(Except for M-Garand and DMR)

Bunkered Down: Edit

Long Shot is somewhat inconsistent, Bunkered Down has a consistent 24% extra damage and 48% resistance. Not very good, but it can somewhat counter Glass Cannon to do the second tip, if the barricade holds.

Skull Combustion: Edit

You always kill enemies with headshots, so why not? Plus, turning your kill into a RPG rocket which deal 200% wither damage, even stronger than a real RPG!

(maybe) Long Shot: Edit

If you trust your teammates to hold the zombies past 400 yards where you can utilize this +3% damage per 40 studs, then yes. When it's wave 40 and your teammates are barely hanging on to life at the barricade, no.

(maybe) Headshot Stash: Edit

If you can consistently slaughter zombies in 1 hit (possible until the end game for snipers) then go ahead.

(maybe) Charged Shot: Edit

If you can afford to wait 2.5 seconds between shots, you got a 60% increase in damage.

Mods: Edit
Glass mod: Edit

You're behind the frontline anyway, so -5% resistance for 5% damage is a capable trade.

Heavy mod: Edit

Only if you're willing to sacrifice attack speed, which's why this's in number 2, because rifle attack speed is already low (except for DMR and M1 Garand).

CQB mod: Edit

4% less accuracy and range for 6% damage. Seriously, you need the accuracy more than ever, it's precious. Don't ever use it unless all you care about is damage.


Crowd controller. Just be wary that you'll be found annoying to your frontline mates and perhaps even kicked because you're killing most of the zombies in easy to hard mode. In nightmare and impossible, you get the most dmg but not most kills.

Weapons: Edit

Grenade and rocket launchers.

Tips: Edit

Aim at the horde for maximum blast radius effect.

Perks: Edit


Life Leech: Edit

To compensate for 1% self damage.

Danger Close: Edit

21% more explosive damage but you'll take 1% self damage.

Implosion: Edit

21% more explosive damage but 10.5% less radius.

Fireworks: Edit

30% radius designed to offset Implosion.

(maybe) Freeze Frame: Edit

If you're extremely confident that you can slaughter what, several hundred zombies (it's quite possible) then go ahead for that 1.25% chance of freezing 3s of time, but it can be inconsistent.

Mods: Edit
MOAB mod: Edit

Ah, the slightly stronger radius and damage in exchange for reload speed. Why not?

CQB mod: Edit

5% damage, -4% range and accuracy

Glass mod: Edit

-5% resistance, 5% damage

Heavy mod: Edit

-3% attack speed, 5% damage


Also known as the fortifier. Your job is basically making the shop a fort of traps.

Weapons: Edit

From first aid kits to sentries to mines.

Tips: Edit

Shotguns (especially fully upgraded Trench Shotgun) might be advised since they have an effective range similar to your sentry (ies), and thus will help put out some extra damage, as a fully upgraded Trench Shotgun can do 6912 damage per ammo used, which is enough up to late game.

Generally, build out a little base for yourself. Put disposable ammo on the roof for the Sniper, and add traps to the barricade (if you bought one).

See 3.2 for what to ask the sniper to watch carefully.

Perks: Edit


Life Leech: Edit

You're still near the frontline, and many a trap requires human bait.

Long Burn: Edit

30% extra duration on fire equipment. Especially since gas cans won't last for a night in late game.

Tower Defence: Edit

30% more ammo and duration. Ah, those sentries you can never refill and the guzzling heavy sentries. Now you can keep them running for longer without having to refill. Yay.

Lightning Charge: Edit

37.5% charge speed. Why not, because you don't need to upgrade the charge speed when you got this.

Shadow Gear: Edit

Three gas cans? With 30% chance of not consuming equipment, you can turn 3 gas cans into 4(there are cases of shadowing 5 gas cans). Nice, eh?

Fast Burn: Edit

No loss of damage, just makes zombies take damage faster.

(maybe) Freeze Frame: Edit

Um, if your traps can handle loads and loads of zombies, then I'm fine with this perk.

(maybe) Charmer: Edit

Baseball bats to chainsaws.

Tips: Edit

Get armor, preferably fully upgraded.

Strafe to the left and right to avoid taking too much damage.

Perks: Edit


Life Leech: Edit

so you dont die. you basically killing stuff for hp

Vamprism: Edit

Ideally for high hp stuff like boss and berserkers so you get hp back even if you don't kill, while also getting hp if you kill so more hp


21% extra melee damage,


To just slightly extend your reach by 0.9 studs to avoid damage (could be useful if you have lightning reactions).

Deep Mags Edit

This one is for the chainsaw. 37.5% deeper magazines means 600 to 825 ammo (quite useless, unless pushing the limit of survival)

Bandolier: Edit

More ammo for the chainsaw, alright?(maybe it doesn't work like that)

Ravage; Edit

attack speed and crit chance attack speed means more dps crit is for beloew

Arm breaker: Edit

Berserkers deal a ton of dmg past hard mode and nightmare. ravage and cocealed carry helps

Critical Perks: Edit

If you want more damage:


Mods: Edit
Tank mod: Edit

You need that extra resistance so you won't die. 5% resistance, -4% attack speed.(you can skip if you think you're a 5 time prestige pro)

Heavy mod: Edit

5% damage for -3% attack speed.(if you really want, if this applies to melee)

rapids mod: Edit

the go to for just about everyone in the community, increasing firerate

Tanker: Edit

The one who take damage for everyone else.


You take less direct damage from zombies


The same but indirect such as toxic, boomer's explosion or flamer's flame

-Healthy Health:

More health (90 health at lvl 3)

-Regrowth Plus:

Regen at a faster rate


If you are a 100% tanker, why should you care about decreasing damage? You get more resistance in return

-Heavy Tank:

Recommended only when you have 10+ weight


-Go with Heavy Tank if you want extra resistance


If you are a tanker, you would want zombies to target you right?

-Reinforced Armour:

You get more armour, why not?


You get a small amount of armour back every 10 seconds, which could be the difference between life and death.

Priest: Edit

Literally a normal survivor with perks that make him look like a priest.

Weapons: Edit

Literally anything. For the true priest experience, every perk should support the team, not yourself.

Tips: Edit

Organize a collective effort like communism. I suppose Jesus' quotes are the fundamentals of communism, written by Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto, later put in practice by Lenin and Stalin.

Perks: Edit


Life Leech Edit

May the blood of the zombies heal the priest!

Guardian Angel Edit

When your teammate is about to die, be the Savior and save him, like Jesus Christ did to the blind.

Life Link Edit

Be the man who'll take the damage and heal, as Jesus did to the blind.

Escape Artist Edit

Get resurrected as Jesus did.

Trailblazer Edit

My wand shall guide my people - Moses. But this time with fire instead of a wand, except for Nightmare or above, since it'll be too useless.


For each according to his ability, to each according to his ability - Karl Marx. Helping the community by repairing the walls. How kind of you.

Dying Wish: Edit

Every priest will die for his/her religion. Might as well make that death worthwhile, if you're about to die.

Recovery Man: Edit

Jesus was a fit man, ok?

Marathon Man: Edit

Ditto as above.

The Art of the Mod Deal Edit

Intelligence Edit

You'll require at least 115 IQ (above average intelligence) if you want to have a decent chance of succeeding, but preferably 130 (gifted) or even 145 (genius style of thinking). Above that, you'll probably won't succeed, due to the 15 IQ communication range,

Grind Edit

Even if you're bored, you won't attain level 5 mods without your labor, so go ahead at a difficulty that stretches your capabilities, but not impossible (as a decent rule of thumb, if you can survive the early waves, you're fine)

Trading Edit

Not everyone will be on the frontline, but if you've chosen a strict role, you can give your 'useless' (for you) mods for others. Here are the tips:

  • Ask people what mods do they need.
  • Ensure it's a fair trade (3 tier 1 mods for 3 tier 1 mods), unless the other trader is your friend.
  • DON'T recycle mods (this was my mistake as a noob), as you'll merely lose, as you only get 2 tier 1 mods back.
  • If your 'useless' mods are at a tier higher, you have 4x the trading value. Hell, some people might be shocked about the mods you have to the point that they literally donate their mods to you for that [heh, you can utilize that as a tactic]
  • You want to concentrate on certain mods, assuming you've already chosen your class.
  • You want to have a high level (at least level 30, preferably prestiged) to look like you're experienced, to help point 4.
  • Getting t5 is possible to accomplish in less than 30 mins if you execute it perfectly.

The Dark Triad personality traits Edit

If these tips aren't enough to satisfy your mod collection, turn to the dark triad personality traits, which're narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy.

Narcissism Edit


  • Quite ((in severe cases extremely) self-centered
  • High (in severe cases excessive) importance of self
  • High (in severe cases excessive) self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Therefore, prioritizes rational self-interest
  • Also likes boasting to a high degree


  • High charm, as showing your achievements will make people think of you highly
  • Possibly being able to achieve what you boast, as you're rationally self-interested
  • Smooth talker, enabling you to get away with somewhat unfair deals
  • Pretty decent leader, if you can utilize your traits intelligently
  • Resistant to people-pleasing (self-interested)


  • Don't be overconfident, else people see through your facade
  • When you boast, make sure you can probably achieve your goals with hard work
  • If you decide to lie, at least make it look plausible

Machiavellianism Edit


  • Technically, following the philosophy of Niccolo Machiavelli (whom this is named from)
  • Quite self-interested
  • Manipulative (for good or for bad)
  • Unemotional coldness (depending on severity, sometimes or even usually)
  • Indifference to morality (not obvious for those who're intelligent)
  • Usually quite intelligent, with quite high IQ
  • Usually quite disagreeable
  • Somewhat impulsive on average


  • Pretty flexible, due to impulsitivity
  • Has no problem standing their own ground, due to being disagreeable
  • Great communication skills
  • Pretty great leader, if you can utilize your traits intelligently
  • Resistant to people-pleasing or submissive behaviour
  • You understand how to convince people easily
  • You manage to convince people of your ideas easily
  • Less moral barrier to your own goals
  • Tough and mean, due to unemotional coldness
  • Levelheadedness (to some extent)
  • Can get yourself out of sticky situations
  • Good stress tolerance


  • At minimum, appear to be following a moral compass
  • Use your logical part of your brain to control your impulses
  • Fake your emotions if you really can't stand feeling them
  • There's a time to be tough, and a time to be somewhat gentle

Psychopathy Edit


  • Shallow emotions
  • Little or no fear, empathy or remorse
  • Pretty high self-esteem and self-confidence (not excessive)
  • Antisocial (depends on severity)
  • Quite disinhibited
  • Likes to maintain a favourable reputation
  • Somewhat impulsive
  • Violence and manipulation as merely tools in a toolbox
  • Tough and mean (like Machiavellians)


  • Levelheadedness
  • Courageousness
  • Being quite rational
  • Natural resistance to some mental illnesses like anxiety and depression
  • Pretty great leader, if you can utilize these traits intelligently
  • Tough & mean
  • Resistant to people-pleasing or submissive behaviour
  • Can get yourself out of sticky situations
  • Less inhibition towards your goals
  • Extreme stress tolerance


  • Develop some cognitive empathy, or logical empathy
  • At least appear to have a moral compass
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