Basics Edit

Roblox time is cola time! Drink Bloxy Cola to restore stamina, and can be upgraded for unlimited stamina and guaranteed crits for a limited duration. It probably won't do much during a zombie apocalypse, but it sure is addictive!

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Speed Chug Decreases the time taken to drink. Drink Time -25% 1 $1,500
Resupply Increases the amount of Energy Drinks you gain each night. Recharge Amount +1 1 $2,000
Perceptive Rush All your attack will critically hit after drinking. Crit Duration +8s 1 $10,000
Energy Addict Increases the maximum amount of Energy Drinks you can hold. Max Amount +2 1 $2,500
Extra Energy Increases the stamina restoration. Stamina +75 1 $1,000
Sugar Rush You will gain unlimited Stamina after drinking. Sprint Duration +8s 1 $5,000

Strategies Edit

  • The only practical use of energy drinks is the Perceptive Rush upgrade.
    • Even then, the duration of the effect is a mere 8 seconds. It's what you get for $10,500 though!

Trivia Edit

  • Bloxy Cola is an iconic drink in Roblox, being one of the first gears released.

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