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Basics Edit

The Energy Sword is a melee weapon that can gain damage by sacrificing attack speed. It costs $60,000, and can only be bought after the appropriate upgrade for the Mobile Shop has been bought.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Sharpened Blades Increases your energy and non energy damage. Damage +15% 3 $12,000
Hyper Charge Increases the amount of energy your sword gains while charging. Energy Charge +50% 2 $8,000
Enhanced Blades Increases your energy damage. Energy Damage +25% 2 $15,000
Energy Efficiency Decreases the amount of energy your sword uses. Energy Drain -33.33% 1 $12,000
Energy Overflow Increases your mobility while the sword is energized. Energy Mobility +10% 2 $8,000
Hyper Sword Regain stamina after every kill. Staminasteal +7.5 1 $12,000

Strategies Edit

All standard melee strats apply

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the caption, the Energy Sword did not exist in The Final Stand 2's alpha or beta.
  • Possible reference to Halo energy sword
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