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Equipment (also known as gear) are an alternate means of defense in Final Stand 2. Instead of being manually replenishable by the Ammo Box, equipment must recharge per night. Players can only hold a certain amount of the same equipment at a time. Using an equipment consumes it, depleting one from your amount and triggering its recharge time. The weight of expended equipment is still applied to your character even when the amount holding has been depleted or has no charges remaining.

NOTE: Equipment pages are 100% finished, descriptions will be done at a later time

Weapons with colored stats are the ones done


Equipment can be bought in the same manner as Weapons in the Shop. Some equipment are tied to a Gamepass Pack which is indicated by the orange background.


Equipment players use on themselves or allies for boosts.

Equipment Price Description Caption
Energy Drink.png
Energy Drink
$500 Drink to regain stamina. Warning: Bloxy Cola may be habit-forming.
Experimental Drink.png
Experimental Drink
$1,000 Drink to gain addition headshot damage. Warning: May cause freakish deformities.
First Aid Kit.png
First Aid Kit
$2,500 Restores a portion of your health. Can also be used on nearby teammates. This will patch you up.


Equipment that need to be placed somewhere on the map. The amount of the same deployable you can place at a time is equivalent to how many you can hold.

Equipment Price Description Caption
$2,500 Deployable spikes that deal damage on contact. Spikey thing points up.
Deployable Ammo.png
Deployable Ammo
$2,500 A smaller, portable variant of the Ammo Box outside the Shop. Operates in the same way. When you're too lazy to walk.
Propane Can.png
Propane Can
$5,000 A portable can filled with volatile propane gas. Will explode when shot. We sell propane and propane upgrades.
$5,000 A deployable landmine, explodes on contact. Explosion!
Bear Trap.png
Bear Trap
$5,000* Deals damage and snares on contract, Has to be manually rearmed. More of a zombie trap than a bear trap.
Gas Can.png
Gas Can
$7,500 A portable can filled with flammable fuel. Will explode when shot. Not the wisest use of fuel.
Trip Mine.png
Trip Mine
$7,500* An explosive mine, triggered by interrupting the laser. You crossed the line now!
Frost Generator.png
Frost Generator
$7,500* Freezes all nearby zombies while enabled. Manually toggled on and off. A chilling experience.
Teleport Pad.png
Teleport Pad
$7,500* Teleports all players on the pad back to the shop. Has 1 charge. Don't question how it works.
$6,000* A small, portable cannon with manual fuse ignition. Not made of glass.
Sentry Gun.png
Sentry Gun
$20,000 A portable sentry gun that targets and eliminates nearby zombies. Portable lead spewing box.
Supply Crate.png
Supply Crate
$17,500* A large deployable crate containing ammo. When you're REALLY too lazy to walk.
Combat Drone.png
Combat Drone
$20,000* An armed drone that follows you and eliminates nearby zombies. A flying lead spewing box!
Tesla Coil.png
Tesla Coil
$25,000* A recharging tesla coil that releases chain lightning. Zap!
$27,500* Manually activated mortar that bombs a pre-designated area. An education exercise.
Heavy Sentry.png
Heavy Sentry
$30,000* A heavy sentry gun that targets and eliminates nearby zombies. A less portable lead spewing box.


Equipment that are thrown at the zombies and can deal damage and/or inflict various status effects.

Equipment Price Description Caption
$1,000* Throwable ninja stars! Deals damage on impact. Not the most practical killing weapon.
Nail Bomb.png
Nail Bomb
$2,000* An improvised explosive for some powerful, albeit unreliable, damage. Don't try this at home!
$2,500 A generic fragmentation grenade, great for blowing up some Zombies! Time to some explosive results!
Smoke Bomb
$3,000* A throwable smoke bomb that turns allies invisible, as long as they remain inside the smoke. Poof! And I'm gone!
$4,000* Throwable Kunai, deals damage on impact. Unleash your inner weeb.
$5,000 An improvised incendiary bomb for setting the ground ablaze. Time to light up the night!
Heal Grenade.png
Heal Grenade
$5,000* A grenade packed with teammate healing gas. Run into the strange blue gas everyone!
$5,000* A cryogenic grenade, freezing all nearby enemies. Chill out!
Zombie Bait.png
Zombie Bait
$7,500 Lures the Zombies away from you and your team. The bait has increased detection over players. Ahh fresh meat!
Stun Grenade.png
Stun Grenade
$7,500* A non-lethal grenade which will stun all nearby enemies after detonation. BANG!
$7,500* Long fuse, big explosion. Meant for blowing rocks not Zombies!
$10,000* A remote controlled explosive device. Throw the C4 and detonate with the toggle. The bomb has been planted.
Gas Grenade.png
Gas Grenade
$10,000* A grenade that will unleash poisonous gas after detonation. You smell something?
Pipe Bomb.png
Pipe Bomb
$10,000* Explosive grenade that also lures zombies. Beep.