Basics Edit

A dubious drink that gives useful buffs to those who drink it, at the price of your head enlarging. Dare to take a sip?

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Speed Chug Decreases the time taken to drink. Drink Time -10% 3 $750
Resupply Increases the amount of Experimental Drinks you gain each night. Recharge Amount +1 1 $4,000
Itchy Trigger Increases your attack speed with firearms while under the effect. Attack Speed +10% 3 $2,000
Brain Power Increases the headshot damage effect. Head Damage x1.5 1 $3,500
Hardened Skin Increases your resistance while under the effect. Resistance +25% 4 $2,500
Concentrated Brew Increases the duration of the drink's effects. Duration +5 2 $2,500
Experimental Addict Increases the maximum amount of Experimental Drinks you can hold. Max Amount +2 1 $5,000

Strategies Edit

  • Headshot and Attack Speed bonuses are multiplicative to perk and mod bonuses (unknown if same applies to the Resistance bonus).
  • Due to the long drink time try to think when to drink ahead of time.

Trivia Edit

  • The model for the experimental drink is Witch's Brew, a Roblox gear item.
    • Both this and the roblox gear item share the similarity of enlarging the drinker's head briefly.

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