Welcome to my The Final Stand 2 Melee Guide! This guide will tell you the basics of melee and how it benefits in the game. First of all there are four main melees. Baseball Bat, Military Axe, Katana and Chainsaw. I recommend you use your knife on the first wave, if you just started playing, play on easy. Then get baseball bat and upgrade it to max. Then save up till the Katana, once you get max it out and use it till wave 11 then get chainsaw and max it. Get the Molotov (located where the pistols are) and max it out. Then your set! If you want to use melee on higher difficulties, use some perks! If you don't wanna use melee for the rest of the game, get as much money using the method above till you have enough for the weapon you want.

Recommended Perks:

Life Leech (Always Use This)

Vampirism (Pair this with Life Leech always)

Juggernaut (For less damage on hard+)

Bloodthirst (To Conserve Chainsaw ammo and deal more damage)

Ravage (For the faster attack speed and crits)

Lightweight (You can move faster with it)

Piggy Bank (For Impossible Mode)


Tank Mod (The only mod that matters)


Always strafe left and right to take less damage.

When more players are in the server, health for the zombies increase meaning you might not do well.

In Impossible, the 2 Uncommons you should have on wave 1 are Crawlers and Heavy Armoured Zombies.

Restart if Boomers appear on wave 1 Hard+.

Don't use melee without Life Leech, Vampirism and Juggernaut on Normal.

Use Piggy Bank if necessary.

Using Melee Weapons are a good way to earn money to set up for great weapons.

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