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|- style="background-color:#260D12;"
|- style="background-color:#260D12;"
!style="background-color:#1B090C;"|Aluminium Body
!style="background-color:#1B090C;"|Aluminium Body
|Reduces the weight of the gun.
|Increases your headshot damage.
|style="color:#00AAFF; font-weight:bold;"|Weight -1
|style="color:#00AAFF; font-weight:bold;"|Weight -1

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A solid firearm for the early nights. Cheap, powerful and reliable.


Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Greased Bolt Increases the rate of fire. Attack Speed +25% 2 $2,000
Ammo Efficiency Reduces the amount of balls taken per ammo missing, from the ammo box. Ammo Taken -0.5 3 $1,000
AP Rounds Increases the damage of shots. Damage +40 3 $2,000
Skull Breaker Increases your headshot damage. Headshot Damage +25% 2 $4,000
Aluminium Body Reduces the weight of the gun. Weight -1 1 $1,500A


  • The Flintlock Rifle is a great choice for the early game as long as you're hitting headshots.
    • Due to the slow firerate this gun is not ideal when zombie groups become denser later in the game or in higher difficulties.
  • It may be a good idea to not upgrade the Flintlock Rifle in order to save money for new guns as the Flintlock Rifle becomes obsolete rather quickly (day 4 on hard mode is when the gun stops one-shotting reds and greens).


  • The Flintlock Rifle has gained a negative stigma since it is commonly used as a first weapon for Piggy Bank newbies.
  • When not aiming down sights, the Flintlock has the second highest recoil in the game at a staggering 75, only behind the M82 at 80 when it is unscoped and without its recoil reduction upgrade.
  • This weapon counts as a Flintlock type weapon for the Trickster upgrade on the Cutlass.

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