Hello, this section is about stretegies to get further into the game.

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KroKela's Strategy (by Krojex and Kelakotana)Edit

1. Fully upgrade the pistol. DO NOT BUY BOTTOMLESS RESERVE.

2. Now get the DMR, and upgrade that (You don't have to max out) (25,000)

3. Now buy Extra Stock in the Shop Upgrade section (and maybe Monetary Incentive) (at least 10,000)

4. Then buy the Laser SMG (3,500)

5. While you are upgrading the SMG, buy Gas Cans, Landmines, and Caltrops (have a friend if you want) (at least 17,000)

6. (OPTIONAL) Have a friend with a Laser Rifle (after he/she gets the SMG) on the Ladders (2,500)

If you want you can have a friend or more to help with the Shop Upgrades.

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