Basics Edit

A jerrycan filled with gasoline. Shooting it with a firearm will leave a lingering area of effect around where the gas can used to be, damaging zombies in the area for a period of time.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Resupply Increases the amount of Gas Cans you gain each night. Recharge Amount +1 1 $7,500
Aggressive Fire Increases the damage of your Gas Cans. Damage +50% 4 $6,000
Slow Burn Increases the fire duration of your Gas Cans. Duration +50% 2 $7,500
Napalm Bomb Increases the fire damage of your Gas Cans. Fire +1000 2 $3,000
Extra Fire Increases the maximum number of Gas Cans you can place and hold. Max Amount +1 1 $2,500
Pyromaniac Increases the fire radius of your Gas Cans. Radius +33.33% 1 $5,000
Practical Gas Deployed Gas Cans can be used to refill fuel weapons. Refill Fuel: 2.5s 1 $10,000
Agonizing Heat Common Zombies will move slower while on fire. Common Slow +10% 2 $5,000

Strategies Edit

  • Keep in mind that this has reduced Kill Money (60%).
  • This is useful for damaging zombies before they reach your team. In the late game this won't kill the zombies but will give your front-liners an easier time.
  • Chainsaw, Flamethrower, and M2 Flamethrower are weapons that can be refueled by gas cans.
    • If you're using gas cans to refill a teammate's fuel weapon, then the gas can must be set to Team.

Trivia Edit

  • Shooting a gas can containing combustible liquid such as gasoline with a normal bullet will not ignite the contents of it. Only bullets that have heat (i.e. tracer rounds) are capable of igniting the fluids.
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