SWAT Pack Gas Grenade is part of the SWAT Pack.

You must own the respective gamepass in order to purchase the Gas Grenade.

Basics Edit

A grenade that unleashes a deadly toxin gas after a few seconds. In addition to dealing damage to zombies, it can also provide some crowd control due to the slowing effect of the poison.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Aggressive Poison Adds damage to your Gas Grenades every 0.2 seconds. Damage +50 1 $2,500
Large Canister Increases the duration of your Gas Grenades. Duration +25% 3 $3,500
Extra Gas Increases the maximum amount of Gas Grenades you can hold. Max Amount +1 1 $2,000
Powerful Poison Increases the poison effect of your Gas Grenades. Poison +1000 2 $4,000
Compressed Gas Increases the gas radius of your Gas Grenades. Radius +15% 3 $3,000
Slowing Poison Increases the slowing effect of the poison. Slow +5% 2 $2,500

Strategies Edit

  • Due to a recent rescripting you must buy Aggressive Poison for the grenades to inflict poison and therefore, to function properly.
  • A fixed fuse time of 5 seconds means you should throw this grenade ahead of time.

Trivia Edit

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