Items players use on themselves or allies for boosts. Also includes grenades which deal damage and inflict negative status effects. Are thrown by the player.

Image Gear Price Caption Notes
Bloxy Cola $500 Bloxy gives 75% Energy with 2 charges
Experimental Drink $1,000 that... idk
First Aid Kit $5,000 Heals you but not FULLY Can be used on allies.
Grenade a badder Version of propane
Molotov a badder version of Gas can
Zombie Bait lure zombies away from you or your teamates which is useful if you are surrounded

Deployables Edit

Items that need to be placed somewhere on the map. Placing an item consumes it, triggering its recharge time. The weight of the deployed item is still applied to your character even when the item is far away, has been depleted or has no charges remaining.

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