Technician's Gadgets Pack Heavy Sentry is part of the Technician's Gadgets Pack.

You must own the respective gamepass in order to purchase the Heavy Sentry.

Basics Edit

The Heavy Sentry is a bigger Sentry Gun. While having a higher weight and price tag than its counterpart it boasts higher damage and can be upgraded to target Wraiths.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effects Levels Price
Overclock Increases fire rate. Attack Speed +33.33% 1 $10,000
AP Rounds Increases damage dealt. Damage +300 2 $17,500
Lightning Charge Reduce number of nights needed to replenish your sentry. Recharge -1 2 $7,500
Improved Targeting Increases the range of the sentry gun. Range +50% 1 $7,500
Combat SentryPadlock Enables refilling the sentry gun with your weapon's ammo at 50% efficiency. Can Refill: Yes 1 $30,000
Wither RoundsPadlock Adds wither damage to your sentry gun. Wither Damage -2.5% 2 $10,000
Motion Sensor Allows your sentry to target wraiths. Detect Wraiths: Yes 1 $15,000

Strategies Edit

  • A Heavy Sentry, if upgraded with Motion Sensor, can be used to solely take out Wraiths in the Forest and Arctic maps.
  • Destroyers and Lurkers take 50% less damage against deployables such as the Heavy Sentry.
  • Overclock increases the DPS but will compromise the lifespan of the sentry, so focus of upgrading AP Rounds first.
    • The Tower Defense perk is valuable for increasing the lifespan of the sentry.
  • Combat Sentry is generally a more favorable upgrade in most circumstances but Wither Rounds will become more viable if zombie HP becomes too high.
    • Refilling a Heavy Sentry takes ~3 seconds, and you can not refill the sentry with weapons with unlimited ammo or infinite ammo efficiency.
    • If you have a prestiged Lightning Charge perk and pair it with a Heavy Sentry with the Lightning Charge upgrade maxed, the recharge time will be reduced to a mere 1 night.
  • Just like the Sentry Gun and Combat Drone, the Heavy Sentry will not target zombies for 3 seconds after they spawn.
  • In almost every case, Combat Sentry is superior to Wither Rounds.

Trivia Edit

  • The gun mounted on it is a smaller DMR.
  • The glowing green display shows the remaining ammo and if the sentry can detect Wraiths.
    • The display will turn red with the word "EMPTY" printed on it once it runs out of ammo. After a certain amount of time the depleted heavy sentry will disappear.

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