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Basics Edit

A disk that you put on the ground and goes boom. Surprisingly large blast radius too. Like all consumables, it has a secondary description, "A deployable landmine, explodes on contact.".

Also has a Mines stat of 3, but this is not shown on the infobox due to technical difficulties.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Faster Arm Decreases the time taken for your Landmines to arm. Arming Time -80% 1 $1500
Resupply Increases the amount of Landmines you gain each night. Recharge Amount +1 1 $3000
Sonic Boom Increases the damage of landmines. Damage +50% 3 $3500
Multi-Explosives Increases the number of times your Landmines can explode. Explosions +1 2 $5000
Demolitionist Increases the maximum number of landmines you can place and hold. Max Amount +1 3 $1500
High Explosives Increases the blast radius of your Landmines. Radius +33.33% 1 $2000
Concussion Mine Adds a stun effect to your landmines. Stun Duration +1s 1 $5000

Strategies Edit

  • If you have a Barricade, place these in front of the Barricade to increase its lifespan.
  • If camping at the Ammo Box, placing these nearby can help with rushes.
  • Placing them at right places on the Road can predictably defend against Wraiths, as they follow a fixed path initially. (Although Caltrops are probably better for that)
  • Watch out for noobs/new players wasting your landmines, Especially in career mode. (p.s a good way to remedy this is to upgrade Resupply, another good remedy (maybe even better) is the upgrade multi-explosives as this makes landmines last longer.) If you're a new player that does this please stop, landmines aren't unlimited and unless A: you're about to die (3+zombies attacking you on normal mode) and have to save yourself B: have around 4/8 (depending on difficulty) zombies grouped up and then let one step on the landmine, then it's a landmine well spent.

Trivia Edit

  • The colour of the light on the Landmine shows how many explosions are left. Blue means 4, (p.s can only be achieved using a Level 3 or higher Tower Defense perk,) Green means 3, Yellow means 2, And red means 1.
  • If you have a perk that increases the amount of ammo for your equipment, at max level, the landmines turn blue and have four explosions.
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