Not to be confused with the Minigun.

Basics Edit

The laser minigun costs 2 million to buy and 100,000 to unlock in career. In any other mode it is 250,000 to buy.

This gun isn't as great as it seems.

The laser minigun costs 2 million to unlock in Career mode. After being unlocked, you can find it the next time the Mobile Shop comes. Maxing it costs another I million and over, so if you wanna max it make sure you're pretty rich. That being said, Scattershot is the perk that costs a million, all the others are relatively cheap for a player at that level. The Laser Minigun is both the most expensive laser weapon available from the Mobile Shop and the most expensive weapon in the game, costing $250,000. It is by default locked in the Mobile Shop, and the upgrade to unlock it costs an additional $100,000

Upgrades Edit

The Laser Minigun has different upgrades in Career.

It has Piercing Rounds or Improved Grip.

It doesn't have Scattershot and AP Lasers

Also, if you wanna max it out/upgrade it, then do it immediately. If not, you're gonna have to pay another I million to get it in the shop again and upgrade it again, so it's hardly worth spending that much just to get access to the upgrades.

(Note, the prices vary.)

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Extended Mags Increases your magazine size. Magazine Size + 50% 1 $37,500
Piercing Rounds Your shots will pierce through additional enemies. Pierce + 1 1 $125,000
Improved Grip Reduces the recoil when firing. Recoil - 33.33% 1 $37,500
Nitrogen Cooling Decreases the time taken to cool down your weapon. Reload Time - 25% 1 $50,000

Strategies Edit

  • Unless you take full advantage of its piercing, the Laser Minigun's single-target cyclic DPS is lower than that of the Minigun, making this weapon more desirable for crowd control.
    • Because of its maximum of three targets, the Laser Minigun is effective at containing crowds of zombies. Use it to wipe out large hordes, and let stronger zombies such as bosses or Berserkers be taken care of by players with stronger single-target guns such as the Minigun or the M82.

Trivia Edit

  • While the Minigun is designed to hit the same target three times with each shot, the Laser Minigun is designed to hit three targets once each.
  • If you can use the pierces to their full potential, the Laser Minigun has the highest point-cyclic DPS in the game, at 29,250.
  • If you're aiming at only one target, the Laser Minigun has a relatively weak single-target cyclic DPS of 9,750.
  • Including all upgrades and the Mobile Shop upgrade needed to unlock it, the Laser Minigun costs $600,000 to purchase and fully upgrade.
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