Basics Edit

A long ranged pistol that can be wielded as if it were a sniper. It is the cheapest free shop firearm to buy after the Pistol (flintlock pistol is 2nd cheapest but it's a gamepass weapon)

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Barrel Extension Increases the accuracy of your shots. Accuracy +2.5% 3 $400
Greased Trigger Increases the rate of fire. Attack Speed +25% 2 $750
Lucky shot Adds a chance for your weapon to critically hit. Critical Chance +7% 2 $750
AP Rounds Increases the damage of your shots. Damage +25 5 $1,250
Akimbo Gives you a second Luger, enabling you to dual wield. Dual Wield: Yes 1 $3,000
Skull Breaker Increases your headshot damage. Headshot Damage +25% 2 $1,500
HV Rounds Increases the range of your shots. Range +25% 2 $750
Telescopic Sight Adds a mounted scope to your pistol. Scope: Yes 1 $750

Strategies Edit

  • The Luger can set off Propane Cans and Gas Cans at long range.
  • It is far cheaper to upgrade the starter Pistol then to buy the Luger. Keep in mind, you can't sell the pistol later.
  • Underrated because of above.
  • Additionally, its potential is much higher than the Pistol, especially the scope, if utilizing Charged Shot perk.
  • Therefore, after night 1, attempt to buy the Luger, especially in Nightmare+ difficulties.
  • If using Luger, upgrade headshot damage & damage to extend its life.
  • Don't utilize it past 1st boss in Nightmare+, unless with Charged Shot perk
  • Don't utilize it if it can't 2-shot normal zombies, for the Skull Combustion perk (except in Impossible)
  • A decent-ish counter to Berserkers in waves 1-5 without utilizing Robux.
  • Only consider AP rounds, Skull Breaker, maybe Telescopic Sight (Charged Shot perk) and possibly Lucky Shot (if you have a critical hit build)
  • If you have prestige Charged Shot, every other major damage perk, Lucky Charm, Concealed Carry and Critical Plus, it could even survive to the 2nd boss, if you 100% headshot.

Trivia Edit

  • Often seen in low difficulty servers wielded by new players who have yet to grasp how to make money. This weapon has an incredibly negative stigma surrounding it and it is not uncommon to see inexperienced players sitting on the roof with a scoped Luger on wave 5.
  • Contrary to this negativity above, the scope can be justified by the Charged Shot/No Scope perk, while the Luger can be justified over the Pistol by it being able to be sold, though you better change to the revolver by night 4, otherwise you're dead.

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