Basics Edit

The M249 is a heavy machine gun with an average rate of fire that costs $75,000 to purchase. Uniquely, this gun can obtain infinite ammo efficiency, allowing it to take ammo from the box without draining ammo at all, as well as making this a pseudo laser light machine gun.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Barrel Extension Increases the accuracy of your shots. Accuracy +5% 2 $15,000
Ammo Efficiency Reduces the amount of bullets taken per ammo missing, from the ammo box. Ammo Taken -0.5 3 $10,000
AP Rounds Increases the damage of shots. Damage +30% 5 $22,500
Fully Loaded Increases the amount of ammo you can carry. Max Ammo +100 2 $12,500
Extended Mag Increases your magazine size. Magazine Size +50 2 $17,500
Fast Hands Decreases the time taken to reload your weapon. Reload Speed +33.33% 1 $20,000
Aluminium Body Reduces the weight of the gun. Weight -1 2 $10,000

Strategies Edit

  • The M249 is a great weapon to use when ammo is very scarce, as when fully upgraded, its infinite ammo efficiency allows the player to take ammo from the box without draining the box itself.
  • As the M249 fires at 800 RPM, a player can sustain fire with this weapon for about 12 seconds before having to reload.
  • Despite having a higher mag size you may find yourself running low on reserves often so try to stay near the shop.
  • Buying Fast Hands, utilizing Light Mags and using Speedload is a must due to the colossal reload time, in order to bring the reload time below a minimal 3s.
  • Despite its high initial accuracy the M249 can quickly gain spread due to recoil so be sure to control your shots.
  • Basically a pseudo-laser gun that's between Laser Rifle & Minigun.
  • After utilizing the 2 perks for reload time, damage mods.


  • The M249 is the only weapon that can have infinite ammo efficiency while also not being a laser weapon.

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