Basics Edit

The M79 is a relatively cheap grenade launcher. While it is less expensive than the RPG-7, it currently has the biggest blast radius. It costs $45,000 to buy and shares the same display case with the melee weapons in the Shop.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Barrel Extension Increases the accuracy of your grenades. Accuracy +5% 1 $5,000
Sonic Boom Increases the damage of your grenades. Damage +20% 5 $12,000
Fully Loaded Increases the amount of ammo you can carry. Max Ammo +6 3 $6,750
High Explosives Increases the blast radius of your grenades. Radius +20% 2 $12,000
Long Fuse Increases the range of your grenades. Range +50% 1 $5,000
Fast Hands Decreases the time taken to reload your weapon. Reload Speed +33.33% 1 $12,500
HV Grenades Increases the velocity of your grenades. Velocity +25% 2 $3,000

Strategies Edit

  • As with all explosive weapons, aim in the center of large crowds for maximum damage.
  • The M79 is a great early-game weapon, being able to easily kill large crowds of zombies on early waves. The cash it earns can easily set the player up for the Minigun or the Laser Minigun.
  • This is currently the best weapon to use with Airburst due to its large blast radius.
    • Increase the blast radius with Fireworks. Not buying Long Fuse and using CQB Mods allows the M79 to stun zombies closer to the shop.
  • Proccing Shadow Rounds essentially skips a reload for the M79.

Trivia Edit

  • The M79 was added in Version 1.8 of the game.
  • The M79's model is ripped directly from the Grenade Launcher in Left 4 Dead 2.
  • The most nerfed weapon in the game. Was nerfed a total of 4 times since Patch 4.0.3.

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