The best SMG gun! Compact, quick shot, quick change of bullets is more than enough for a gun.

Specific information:

Name: MP5

Damage: small

Included in the package: SWAT

Gun class: SMG

Price: 500 robux (= $ 5)

Price in game: $25.000

Accuracy: low

magazine: 30 bullets

Weight: quite light

Advantages: Shoot fast, change bullets fast, and be compact is all too good.

Cons: low damage, like Skorpion. Shoot very fast but the magazine is quite small. So out of ammo is something you will encounter constantly, and due to low damage, so dealing with a horde of zombies is not easy at all.
So please raise the damage or magazine capacity, maybe you will be on the rankings?


MP5 it's not too strong or too weak, it's just average. Consider before buying the SWAT package for 500 robux, as the choice is yours!

Thank you for reading!

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