Survivalist Pack Machete is part of the Survivalist Pack.

You must own the respective gamepass in order to purchase the Machete.

Basics Edit

You're not traversing the jungle cutting some vines, but still the Machete does help you survive.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Repairing Blade Regain armour after every kill. Armoursteal +10 1 $8,000
Quick Slash Increases the attack speed of your Machete. Attack Speed +10% 1 $3,000
Sharpened Blade Increases the damage of the Machete. Damage +135 3 $6,250
Protective Blade Gain damage resistance while holding the Machete. Resistance +10% 3 $4,000

Strategies Edit

  • The main usage of the Machete is being a "stat stick" providing extra resistance to a tank player.
    • If you're looking to kill zombies, buy the Katana instead.
  • This can be seen as an upgrade to the Military Axe due to the similar upgrades.

Trivia Edit

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