There are multiple map in The Final Stand 2 with each composing of different elements. Each game is played on one map. Achievement conditions vary depending on the map played on.

Forest Edit


Forest thumbnail.

The forest is the first and most iconic map in the game. It features the least gimmicks out of the other maps and thus has been considered the easiest map by the majority of the FS2 community.

Unlike other maps they is a rare chance of a desert or snow themed version of the forest will load instead of the usual forest.

Road Tunnels Edit

Two tunnels are located at the ends of the road, opposite of each other behind the barricade. The Mobile Shop will pass through these tunnels when conditions are met. Wraiths will spawn from the tunnels if they start to appear.

Main Tunnel Edit

Approximately 530 studs away from the shop is the main tunnel, where most of the zombies spawn from.

Canyon Edit


Canyon thumbnail.

The Canyon is a map added in the 3.1 update. Unlike a singular pathway, the canyon is composed of two split paths, one above ground and the other underground.

Previously this was named the Desert map, but was changed in the 3.1.1 update to prevent confusion to the desert variant of the forest map.

Small Tunnels Edit

These tunnels are located behind the barricade and are simply a means for the Mobile Shop to arrive on the map. No zombies will spawn from these tunnels.

Overground Tunnel Edit

The path with the upward incline leads to the overground tunnel. Most zombies will spawn on this map. Left of the pathway is a giant hole leading to the underground close to the underground tunnel, where players can choose to jump into.

Underground Tunnel Edit

The path leading underground leads to the underground tunnel. This pathway will be blocked off until wave 6 because no zombies will spawn there until then (in Impossible mode the pathway will be open from the start). At wave 6, the spawn rate of zombies underground will be low, but will gradually be more frequent up until wave 10 when the spawn rate is identical to the one overground. All types of zombies will spawn from the underground, including Destroyers.

Arctic Edit


Arctic thumbnail.

The Arctic is a map added in the 3.2 update. There are multiple paths on this map, each stemming from the main path. The main path is comprised of two downward inclines which lead to the main tunnels.

Small Tunnels Edit

These tunnels are located left to the front of the shop behind the barricade and simply serve as a means for the Mobile Shop to arrive on the map. No zombies will spawn from these tunnels. The open area that houses these tunnels can be freely walked on by the players.

Frost Wraith Tunnel Edit

This tunnel is at the end of the cave located at the right of the front of the shop. Frost Wraiths spawn from this tunnel.

Secondary Tunnel Edit

This tunnel is located in the cave to the left after the first downward incline. Most zombies will start to spawn here starting at wave 6. At first, few zombies will spawn here up until wave 10 where the spawn rate is identical to the main tunnel.

Main Tunnel Edit

After both downward incline is the main tunnel, facing the front of the shop. Most zombies will spawn from this tunnel.

Cityscape Edit


Cityscape thumbnail.

The Cityscape is a map added in the 4.0 update. Despite appearing as a simple linear map like the forest, there are multiple locations the zombies can spawn from.

The Cityscape is actually a community map made by MuffinsAndTwinkies. The map won first place in The Final Stand 2 Mapping Contest held on August 1st, 2019 on the official FS2 Discord and thus was added to the game. There are multiple easter eggs present in the map, one of the most noticable ones is that some of the buildings and posters references a noticable FS2 player. To name a few this includes the Muffin Shop (MuffinsAndTwinkies), Ja's Swords and Knife Shop (Mister_Ja), Scarlightning (CARLightning), and Nathaniel's Famous Meme Weapons (Nathaniel57).

Road Tunnels Edit

Behind the barricade are two tunnels located at each end of the road they're connected in. The Mobile Shop will arrive from these tunnels. Zombies (including Berserkers and the Boss) will rarely spawn from these tunnels starting at wave 21.

Subway Staircases Edit

Just infront of the barricade are two staircases located opposite of each other. Lurkers will spawn only from these staircases. Most other zombies (including Berserkers and the Boss) will rarely spawn from these staircases starting at wave 21.

Alleyways & Buildings Edit

These may seem purely cosmetic to the map at first, but zombies can spawn from these alleyways and buildings (including Berserkers and the Boss) starting at wave 6.

Broken Overpass Edit

At the middle of the map is the broken overpass, the two ends of the overpass are facing against each other. Wraiths will spawn only from these overpasses, with other zombies joining the spawn points starting at wave 21.

Highway Overpass Edit

Just after the broken overpass with the highway overpass. Zombies will start to rarely spawn from the overpass at wave 2, gradually increasing in spawn rate up until wave 10.

Main Tunnel Edit

Located at the end of the map to the left is the main tunnel. Zombies will always spawn from this tunnel. There is an noticeable impassable area infront of the zombie spawn.

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