Basics Edit

The Melee, also known as the Knife, is a special melee weapon. It is a free weapon given to everyone, like the Pistol. Unlike the Pistol, the Melee is not a tool, and instead has a special key ("v" by default) used to activate it. It can be used while a tool is equipped.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Cost
Quick Slash Increases the speed you can swing your blade. +33% Attack Speed 1 $2000
Sharpened Blade Increases the damage of your melee attack. 2x Damage 2 $2500, $5000
Golden Blade Increases the money you get from kills. Kill Money +20 1 $200
Hungry Blade Regain health through dealing damage. Lifesteal +3 1 $2500

Strategies Edit

  • The Melee has a rather short range, and as a result, one must get close to the enemy.
  • Any other melee weapon is much better than the Melee, even when upgraded.

Trivia Edit

  • It is much more common to refer to the Melee as the "Knife". In fact, calling it the "Melee" will likely result in you being perceived as strange.
  • The in-game model of the Melee is much shorter than its range.
  • The character uses the Melee with its left arm.
  • The Melee still works when an akimbo or a two-handed weapon is equipped.
  • Using the Melee will cancel reloads. Sprinting also does this.
  • The Melee will emit a trail while swinging. The trail is stationary relative to the global frame of reference.