Not to be confused with the Laser Minigun.

Basics Edit

The Minigun is the second most expensive weapon in the game at $125,000 (first being the Laser Minigun). It is a heavy machine gun with a high rate of fire, large magazine, and large ammo capacity, while also having the highest single-target cyclic DPS out of all weapons. On the other hand, this weapon has a long reload time, low accuracy and a high weight. It also has a huge appetite for ammo, having the worst ammo economy in the game.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Scattershot Your shots will split into multiple projectiles,additional projectiles do not consume ammo. Bullets +1 1 $125,000
AP Rounds Increases the damage of shots. Damage +20 4 $25,000
Fully Loaded Increases the amount of ammo you can carry Max Ammo +1000 3 $25,000A
Fast Hands Decreases the time taken to reload your weapon. Reload Time -20% 5 $7,500
Aluminum Body Reduces the weight of the gun. Weight -2 1 $20,000

Notes Edit

  • The Minigun's single-target cyclic DPS when fully upgraded is 24,000 (48,000 w/ headshot), the highest out of all weapons.
    • Both numbers assume every shot will hit its intended target, which is highly unlikely.
  • The Minigun burns through 33.33 ammo per second, the highest rate in-game.

Strategies Edit

  • Be mindful of its high ammo consumption, only one should exist at a time and even then the Ammo Box may run dry if used in Nightmare mode or harder.
  • Get in close, the Minigun is very inaccurate and does not have sights. Stay close to the Ammo Box as it burns through its reserves often.
  • Fast Hands is a high-priority upgrade, as having all of them will reduce the Minigun's reload time from a lethargic 7.5 seconds to a more manageable 3.75 seconds. Otherwise, zombies will be able to catch up to you and kill you in the middle of a reload.
  • Speedload and Steady Aim are near-essential perks for improving the Minigun's effectiveness. At level 3, they will cut the reload time to 5.77s (2.88s w/ max Fast Hands) and increase the minimum accuracy to 31%.
  • Increased fire rate perks and mods will increase DPS, but at the same time they will quickly burn through your ammo reserves, so prioritize damage and accuracy first.
  • Heavy Bullets is a near-must since it can manage the insane firerate, to be able to conserve ammo. as well as increasing damage and accuracy.
  • Even with quite a few damage perks, this might not be able to carry you to wave 30 in Nightmare+. It'll probably just be stuck at like wave 25.

Trivia Edit

  • The Minigun in real life is a rotary cannon, not a heavy machine gun (HMG) as described in-game. This is due to it having multiple barrels.
    • If it had a single barrel, it would be a medium machine gun (MMG) due to it firing 7.62 x 51 mm cartridges.
    • The "mini" in its name describes how small the minigun is compared to other rotary cannons while the "gun" describes how the minigun fires rifle ammunition instead of the traditional shells other rotary cannons use.
  • Firing this weapon from a standing position, or even carrying it, would be extremely difficult, as even the lightest model of the Minigun in real life weighs 19 kg (about 42 pounds).
    • Because of its weight, it is almost always mounted on a vehicle.

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