Basic Edit

A Molotov is a throwable incendiary device that will burst into flames once in hits the ground. Good for early rounds but in late game it’s better to get the Grenade, Propane Tank, or the Gas Can.

== Upgrades

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Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Resupply Increases the amount of

Molotovs you gain each night.

+1 Recharge 1 ?
Aggressive Fire Increases the damage of your


+50% Damage 4 ?
Slow Burn Increases the fire duration of

your Molotovs.

+50% Duration 4 ?
Napalm Bomb Enemies hit will be set on fire

and take damage over time.

Fire +1000 2 ?
Extra Fire Increases the maximum amount

of Molotovs you can hold.

Max Amount +1 2 ?
Pyromaniac Increases the fire radius of your


+30% Radius 2 ?

Strategies Edit

  • This is best used with the zombie lure to lure zombies into the flame without sacrificing anyone
  • This isn't a great late game choice for equipment. During late game, it’s better to use the Gas Can or the Grenade.
    • This is still useful in late game only if you spam it.
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