The Molotov is a throwable like the Grenade.

It will burst into fire when it hits the ground.

It recharges 1 Molotov every night survived.

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Resupply Increases the amount of

Molotovs you gain each night.

+1 Recharge 1 ?
Aggressive Fire Increases the damage of your


+50% Damage 4 ?
Slow Burn Increases the fire duration of

your Molotovs.

+50% Duration 4 ?
Napalm Bomb Enemies hit will be set on fire

and take damage over time.

Fire +1000 2 ?
Extra Fire Increases the maximum amount

of Molotovs you can hold.

Max Amount +1 2 ?
Pyromaniac Increases the fire radius of your


+30% Radius 2 ?

Strategies Edit

  • This is best used with the zombie lure to lure zombies into the flame without sacrificing anyone
  • This is bad when late game as Gas Cans and Propane Cans are better in late game.
    • This is still useful in late game only if you spam it.
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