The P90 is the most expensive SMG in the game, at $52 500.


Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Critical Aim Gain critical hit chance when aiming down sights. Critical Chance +40% 1 $20000
Lucky Shot Adds a chance for your weapon to critically hit. Critical Chance +20% 1 $11500
AP Rounds Increases damage of shots. Damage +60 1 $12000
Akimbo Gives you a second P90, enabling you to dual wield. Dual Wield: Yes 1 $52500
Fast Hands Decreases the time taken to reload your weapon Reload Time -25% 1 $11000


  • As the P90 has a very high crit chance when maxed, it may be a good idea to use crit perks with the P90.


  • Unlike the other SMGs, the P90 uses ammunition (5.7 x 28 mm) that is shaped like that used in rifles.