Basics Edit

The Pistol is one of two starter weapons, the other being the Knife. It is generally regarded as an early-game weapon incapable of much past Night 3. It cannot be sold, not even its upgrades.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Custom Receiver Sets your weapon to fully automatic and increases attack speed. Full Auto: Yes 1 $2,000A
AP Rounds Increases the damage of shots. Damage +10 3 $750
Akimbo Gives you a second

Pistol, enabling you to dual wield.

Dual Wield: Yes 1 $3,000
Skull Breaker Increases you headshot damage. Headshot Damage +25% 1 $1,250
Extended Mags Increases your magazine size. Magazine size +25% 4 $400
Bottomless Reserves Gives you unlimited ammo but reduces money gained via hits. Unlimited Ammo: Yes 1 $10,000

Notes Edit

Strategies Edit

  • Don't get too attached to the Pistol. It will quickly become obsolete.
  • Aim for the head. The Pistol has very low damage and ammo capacity, and increases in damage per shot are especially important.
  • You can swap positions of the pistol or remove it from your backpack by pressing the ~ key and click-dragging it to another spot. This is useful for putting more desirable weapons and gear in better hotkey positions. It will still reappear in your inventory in the first spot everytime your character dies, the shop loses a life or you join a game.
  • The Pistol due to its lackluster performance is entirely useless past wave 2, and even with upgrades, it gradually falters as waves progress beyond wave 3. Don't use it after wave 3.
  • Ideally, purchase the Luger or a better gun by wave 2, since you can't sell this gun, since you'll require the extra money to go further in game, especially in Nightmare and Impossible (damn the berserkers).

Trivia Edit

  • The Pistol costs $20,100 to fully upgrade.
  • Fully upgraded, it does 60 damage with a 2.5x headshot multiplier, dual wield, full auto, a 32 magazine size, and has infinite ammo.
  • Akimbo still results in one trigger pull per click.
  • Like all guns with the capability, the Pistol loses its ability to aim down sights (ADS) when Akimbofied.
  • The Pistol is the only tool with 0 weight.
  • There used to be an upgrade called Custom Receiver, which costed $2,000 and enabled full auto. It was removed due to wasting too much ammo.
    • Has since been re-added, but is only available to be purchased by players who have beaten wave 30 in Normal difficulty.
  • As the Luger in real life fires 9 x 19 mm, it is plausible that the Pistol fires .22LR, due to its low damage.
  • If you purchase the Bottomless Reserves upgrade for unlimited ammo, you lose the ability to refill the Heavy Sentry.

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