Basics Edit

The RG-6 is one of several explosive launchers that can be used in The Final Stand 2. It is available to players who have purchased the Demolitions Pack.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Shrapnel Rounds Enemies hit will start bleeding, moving slower and taking damage over time. Bleed +1,000 2 $17,500
Fully Loaded Increases the amount of ammo you can carry. Max Ammo +6 3 $10,000
Sonic Boom Increases the damage of your grenades. Damage +350 5 $16,000

Strategies Edit

While in most scenarios this gun is used for support around wave 25+, its just as useful on the field. One of the main features that set this gun apart from the other launchers is its shrapnel upgrades, slowing enemies down while weakening them. This is also why you’ll see most users sitting atop the roof, launching grenades as support. this is gun is especially powerful when paired with the undying perk, as its fast rate of fire and shrapnel rounds causes heavy carnage, And sometimes being a game saver.

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