Basics Edit

The revolver is a decent weapon for early to mid game, as it does a relatively capable amount of damage, and is good for solo rounds for its large amount of damage dealt per shot. However, when paired with other people, users can be overwhelmed by zombies due to the low magazine of this weapon. Also, the flintlock rifle is a better weapon overall due to being cheaper, dealing more damage and giving 20% more money per shot.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Ammo Efficiency Reduces the amount of ammo taken per bullet missing from the ammo box. Ammo Taken -0.5 1 $2,000
AP Rounds Increases the damage of shots. Damage +35 3 $1,500
Akimbo Gives you a second Revolver, enabling you to dual wield. Dual Wield: Yes 1 $9,000
Bone Breaker Shots that hit limbs will deal headshot damage. Limb Headshot Damage: Yes 1 $2,000
Detachable Cylinder You can now reload the revolver by replacing the cylinder instead of feeding into it. Magazine Reload: Yes 1 $2,500
Lucky shot Adds a chance for your weapon to critically hit. Critical Chance +7% 3 $1,000

Strategies Edit

It is good to take the Detachable Cylinder, it will reload the gun faster and increase your chance of survival.

It is also useful for gaining cash quickly if you have yellow perks as well, due to its 30% increase in cash per shot.

Trivia Edit

  • This gun used to have an older mesh which has since been replaced. The older mesh can still be seen in one of the thumbnails for the game, held by the shopkeeper.
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