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Basics Edit

A deployable sentry that automatically shoots zombies within a 80 stud radius, first attacking the zombie closest to it. It holds limited ammo and will cease to function once it runs out.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Combat Sentry Increases the amount of ammo in your sentry gun. at max ammo it can store 600 ammo per sentry. Ammo +20% 5 $4,500
Overclock Doubles the fire rate of your sentry gun. Attack Speed x2 1 $7,500
AP Rounds Increases the damage of your sentry gun. Damage +75 3 $7,500
Tower Defense Increases the maximum number of sentry guns you can place and hold. Max Amount +1 1 $10,000
Lightning Charge Reduces the number of nights needed to replenish your sentry. Recharge -1 1 $15,000
Aluminium Case Reduces the weight of the sentry gun. Weight -1 1 $4,000
Wither Rounds Adds wither damage to your sentry gun. Wither Damage +1.5% 1 $5,000

Strategies Edit

  • Be wise when to place down a SimiGun. They have limited ammo and can only be "refilled" by placing down another one.
  • Place this along the center of the field, as it has a rather short range.
  • SimiGuns do not target Wraiths and thus should not be used against against them.
    • Additionally, Destroyers and Lurkers have a 50% resistance against deployables such as the SimiGun.
  • Heavy Sentry is a stronger yet expensive alternative of the SimiGun that may be more worthwhile.
  • Just like Heavy Sentry and Combat Drone, Sentry Guns will not target zombies for 3 seconds after they spawn.

Trivia Edit

  • The gun inside is a P90. A very small one though.
  • The glowing green display shows the remaining ammo.
    • The display will turn red with the word "ERROR" printed on it once it runs out of ammo. After a certain amount of time the depleted sentry gun will disappear.

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