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The Shop is the main part of The Final Stand 2's map, and is where most upgrades and weapons can be bought. The Shop is divided into two floors - the first floor contains most purchasable weapons, utilities and upgrades as well as the spawn room, while the second room contains purchasable gamepass weapons and access to the shop's balcony.


The Shop is divided into multiple rooms.

Spawn Room

This is where players spawn upon entering a game or respawning after dying. In here, Perks that do not lock can be swapped out during daytime.

First Floor

This is where most of the in-game guns and utilities can be bought as well as upgraded. In the top left-hand corner there is a station where you can upgrade various aspects of yourself, the Shop itself, and the Mobile Shop.

Second Floor

This is where all of the gamepass items are purchasable at. Gamepass guns here are separated by their respective gamepasses. There are two doors leading to the balcony.


This is an extension of the shop where snipers will benefit the most. Wraiths and zombies will not target players in this area unless forced to, making it a good retreat against a horde.

Shop Upgrades

You can buy and upgrade various shop upgrades to maximize its defensive capability, as well as player upgrades that help you fight and survive during the night. Shop upgrades includes defensive measures taken to protect the shop, and help the entire server as a whole, while player upgrades consist of use of special equipments and upgrades that only help the player using them.

Weapon Price Type Description Caption
Fortification Free (Up to $3,000 for repairing) Shop Upgrade Repair and upgrade the shop. Why are we defending a shop again?
Ammo Box Free (Up to $500 for refilling) Shop Upgrade Stores ammunition to refill your guns. The amount of ammo used to refill each bullet of your weapons depends on its Ammo Efficiency, where 100% means 1 ammo = 1 bullet and 50% means 2 ammo = 1 bullet. Stores ammunition to refill your guns.
Roof Access $1,000 (Up to $500 for refilling) Shop Upgrade Enables access to the roof. Wraiths will not target players who are on the roof. You can be anything, even a ladder.
Snipers $12,500 Shop Upgrade Hires a sniper to assist you in dispatching the zombie hordes.The money gained from the sniper's shots is evenly distributed among all players at the end of the night. Boom headshot!
Barricade $3,000 (Up to $1,500 for repairing) Shop Upgrade Construct a barricade to prevent Zombies from reaching the shop. This will make America great again!
Mobile Shop* Free Shop Upgrade Comes at the end of every 5th night and sells both laser and energy weapons.

Opens every 5th night. Sells laser, energy, and plasma weapons.*

Better to not ask where she/he* found the weapons.
Body Building Free Player Upgrade Improve your physical abilities.

(Please note that some upgrades have already been "purchased", and therefore you start purchasing some of its upgrades from midway.)

Work those muscles!
Body Armor $2,500 (Up to $1,000 for repairing) Player Upgrade Reduce the damage you take from zombies. A standard issue kevlar vest.
Melee Free Player Upgrade/ Melee Weapon Increases the power of your melee attack.

(Please note that the knife is not considered to be a weapon, so some perks will not work with it. For example, perks like Concealed Carry and Tacticool will not work with it.)

You need a good knife.
Night Vision Goggles $5,000 Player Upgrade Improves visibility during the night and reveals Wraiths. Target sighted.

*Replaced with Secret Shop in Swampland and Lakeside maps.



Can be repaired during the next day whenever the shop is damaged during the zombie raid. The cost of repairing the shop is up to $3,000.

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Flood Lights Adds outdoor lights to the shop, illuminating zombies and slowing them down. Lights: Yes 1 $5,000
Builders The shop will automatically recover health every 10s during the night. Repair +10 2 $5,000
Fortify Shop Increases the health of the shop. Health x2 3 $4,000



Invested Income Gain extra money at the end of each night, evenly distributed amongst teammates. Money +600 5 $5,000
Extra Life** Gain an extra life for the current game. Lives +1 3 R$39

**This upgrade is unavailable on impossible mode, as it is listed as "SOLD OUT".

Roof Access

You can purchase it for $1,000, and doing so will enable you to buy these upgrades. Can also have a second ammo box, and refilling it costs up to $500.

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Ladders Adds 2 ladders outside the shop for easier roof access. Ladders +2 1 $2,000
Extra Ammo Box Adds an extra ammo box on the roof. The additional ammo box holds 25% capacity and costs 4x more to refill (125 ammo = $500). Ammo Box: Yes 1 $15,000
Premium Ammo Ammo taken from the roof's ammo box will deal 25% extra base damage. Premium Ammo: Yes 1 $25,000

(Requires Extra Ammo Box upgrade)


  • The shop's Extra Life upgrade (which in located in Fortification section) and the Mobile/Secret Shop's Express Shop upgrade are both the only upgrades that requires Robux to purchase.
    • The former can't be purchased on impossible mode. This is because doing so will defeat the entire purpose of playing with only one life.
    • Although Gamepass Packs costs Robux as well, it only applies to unlocking weapons/equipments, as their purchase/upgrades still use in-game money.
  • The shop owner's appearance resembles a typical Roblox avatar from 2006-2007.
    • He also wears Santa hat and grow beard during Christmas events. Gotta give those bad zombies a lump of coals!
    • During the Easter, he gets a pair of bunny ears.