The Shop is the main part of The Final Stand 2's map, and is where most upgrades and weapons can be bought. The Shop is divided into two floors - the first floor contains most purchasable weapons, utilities and upgrades as well as the spawn room, while the second room contains purchasable gamepass weapons and access to the shop's balcony.

The Shop automatically closes its door when a wave starts, meaning that once a night starts, there is no way to re-enter the shop without the help of a Perk such as Escape Artist. The Shop is always located on the opposite side of where zombies spawn.

Rooms Edit

The Shop is divided into multiple rooms.

Spawn Room Edit

This is where players spawn upon entering a game or respawning after dying. In here, Perks that do not lock can be swapped out during daytime.

First Floor Edit

This is where most of the in-game guns and utilities can be bought as well as upgraded. In the top left-hand corner there is a station where you can upgrade various aspects of yourself, the Shop itself, and the Mobile Shop.

Second Floor Edit

This is where all of the gamepass items are purchasable at. Gamepass guns here are separated by their respective gamepasses. There are two doors leading to the balcony.

Balcony Edit

This is an extension of the shop where snipers will benefit the most. Wraiths and zombies will not target players in this area unless forced to, making it a good retreat against a horde.

Basement Edit

This area is hidden from most players. Hidden behind the rubble on either side of the shop is a large trapdoor, leading to the Secret Weapons Unit. Not much is known about this area, other than it is rumored to contain the gamepass weapons.

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