Basics Edit

An early-game powerhouse on the cheap, use with the perk Elusive for the true Ninja experience, Apart of the Pirates VS Ninjas Robux Weapon Pack


Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Resupply Increases the number of Shurikens you gain each night. Recharge Amount +2 3 $650
Sharpened Tips Increases the damage of your Shurikens. Damage +500 2 $1,000
Piercing Shurikens Your Shurikens will pierce through enemies. Pierce +4 1 $5,000
Poisoned Tips Enemies hit will become poisoned, becoming slower and taking damage over time. Poison +1,000 1 $1,000
Lightning Throw Decreases the time taken to charge a throw. Throw Time -75% 1 $600

Strategies Edit

  • This gear item is a good pickup on higher Nightmare and Impossible difficulties as an early burst damage. The 1,000 damage is insanely useful for taking out ~3,000 hp Berserkers with which can unfairly spawn on the first wave.

Trivia Edit

  • Using the Lightning Charge perk on this gear is useless when fully upgraded as the recharge amount is the same as the max amount.
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