Skorpion is a cheap, light and strong gun but you need 500 robux to buy this gun because it's in  "Fire and Ice" pack

specific information: 

-Type: SMG

-Cost: 7,500$

-Description: Shorpion is a strong weapon, but too expensive for 500 robux.It is quite similar to Uzi. Short and fast firing, the magazine is equivalent to an M16. It is quite easy to move and change bullets extremely fast, can save you in some cases like you are being chased by a bunch of zombies, Skorpion is a pretty good choice for this case.

-Advantages:Quick change, quick, compact and not too much in weight. Pretty cheap :D

-Defect: Because there were only 30 bullets, they fired very fast, so they only needed a few seconds to run back to replace them. Skorpion has a slightly poor accuracy, but just shoot a few bullets in the head and the zombies are dead. But think about it, Skorpion shoots so fast, there's no time to watch and shoot them in the head. And then what if the whole team dies and you are chased by a group of super-crowded zombies? So it's good to just increase the damage of Skorpion first, then do whatever you do.

-Conclude: Skorpion is a weapon that is worth your use and it is well worth what you spend. If you're worried about being chased by a bunch of zombies, then keep the damage up to a maximum. If not, then go ask your teammates to go :D

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