Classic Pack Sniper Rifle is part of the Classic Pack.

You must own the respective gamepass in order to purchase the Sniper Rifle.

Basics Edit

One would wonder why a Sniper Rifle with no headshot damage multiplier would be a good idea. Given that this weapon has nearly the same cost and weapon type as the Intervention, it will be compared to it heavily. Turns out it's actually better than its equal.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Greased Trigger Increases the rate of fire. Attack Speed +20% 1 $10,000
Lucky Shot1 Adds a chance for your weapon to critically hit. Critical Chance +8% 3 $8,500
AP Rounds Increases the damage of shots. Damage +250 4 $6,750
Skull Breaker2 Increases your headshot damage. Headshot Damage +25% 2 $15,000
Fully Loaded Increases the amount of ammo you can carry. Max Ammo +20% 5 $5,000
Fast Hands Decreases the time taken to reload your weapon. Reload Speed +33.33% 1 $9,000
Hyper Gun Regain stamina after every kill. Staminasteal +5 1 $12,500
Aluminium Body Reduces the weight of the gun. Weight -1 2 $7,000

Strategies Edit

  • The Intervention has a base headshot damage of 2,400 compared to the Sniper Rifle's base 2,500 damage. With Skull Breaker on the Sniper Rifle, their max damage is 6,000 and 5,250 respectively, giving the Intervention slightly better scaling.
    • On this note, their total damage and headshot upgrades cost $60,000 and $57,000 making the Intervention slightly cheaper when offsetting the initial cost difference of $7,500.
  • The Classic Sniper is a better choice given that it has higher attack speed and reload speed and has the ability to ignore armor, a highly sought attribute for firearms and Sniper Rifles especially.
  • Sniper Rifle benefits from Concealed Carry and Rifleman if a critical build is pursued.
    • Concealed Carry will have its full effect once one stage of Aluminium Body has been purchased.
  • Be sure to use the Bullet Storm perks for the extra attack speed.
  • Do not invest too heavily into the Classic Sniper Rifle as you eventually need to begin saving for your end-game weapons such as the M82.

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon is tied with the other weapons in the Classic Pack for the lowest headshot multiplier in the game (x1). It is the only weapon in the pack that can upgrades its headshot damage at all, bumping it to a (x1.5) the same multiplier used for shotguns.

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