Survivalist Pack.png Supply Crate is part of the Survivalist Pack.

You must own the respective gamepass in order to purchase the Supply Crate.


A large crate containing large amounts of ammo, as if Deployable Ammo had a bigger sibling. Can be upgraded to restore health and armour to the person who uses it, albeit at a 60s cooldown per recovery.


Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Ammo Capacity Increases the ammo capacity of the Supply Crate. Ammo +1000 2 $7,500
Lightning Charge Reduces the number of nights needed to replenish your crate. Recharge -1 1 $7,500
Health Supply Enables the supply crate to refill health and armour. 60s cooldown. Supply Restore: Yes 1 $10,000
Speed Hands Reduces the time taken to refill your weapons. Refill Time -20% 2 $2,500


  • Even when fully upgraded, the time it takes to refill from the Supply Crate is 3 seconds (compared to 1 second from a maxed Ammo Box & Deployable Ammo). Ensure you won't get ambushed by zombies while refilling from the Supply Crate.
  • The most prominent feature of the Supply Crate is the Health Supply upgrade. If used properly, it can provide a much better alternative to First Aid Kit and Heal Grenade due to its full armour repair.
    • This will take ammo when recovering at the rate of 1 ammo per unit of health and armour.


  • If upgraded w/ Health Supply, the left compartment of the Supply Crate will contain medkits if Health Supply is ready to be used.
  • Health Supply used to have a 30s cooldown and did not apply the cooldown to the player that used it. This was changed in v4.3.1 as players can use more than one Supply Crate without the Frickin' cooldown. This was very OP, so we are glad that BKetchup patched it.
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