Shotgun              Level 0

Basics Edit

The USAS-12 is a shotgun pack from the overkill pack and is an expensive shotgun that costs $62,500.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Custom receiver Sets your weapon to fully

automatic and increase attack speed

Full auto : Yes 1 $10000
AP round Increase damage of shot Damage ×1.5 1 $32500
HE round Replace your shot with a single explosive projectile Radius +4 1 $42500
Extended mag Increases your magazine size Magazine size +5 1 $15000
Fully loaded Increase a amount ammo you can carry Ammo +20% 2 $6000
Barrel extension Increase accuracy of your shot Accuracy +


2 $4000


Reduce weight

of the gun

Weight -1 1 7500

Strategies Edit

  • The gun has high damage, it can take out stronger zombies quickly at close range.
  • The gun has low recoil.
  • The gun is Semi-Auto but can be upgraded to use Full Auto.
  • The reload time is decent for a shotgun.
  • Upgrading HE Rounds with AP rounds makes the damage very high.
  • The capacity of the magazine is lower then the AA-12 but could still be slightly better.

Trivia Edit

  • The USAS-12 is actually fully-automatic in real life, but it's semi-automatic in-game with an upgrade to make it fully-automatic.
  • This is the only shotgun that can use the HE round upgrade.
  • This has the 2nd highest damage of all shotguns, after the Trench Gun.
  • This has highest rate of fire of all shotguns.
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