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Here, you'll find a list of the perk builds and weapons that come highly recommended by veteran players of The Final Stand 2, though some of it may be my own preference or opinion. It doesn't include the most niche builds around but it should be quite helpful for general usage.


These perk builds are focused on certain weapons and playstyles, with up to six in each. Feel free to try and blend two different builds to achieve your desired effect.

All perks will show their level 3 effect. Perks that are red are locked, and perks with a + show their prestiged effect as that is required to be of use in the build.

Also, there are no yellow perks in here.


These perks will work great on any firearm in general.

Perk Effect Notes
Speedload +30% Reload Speed Minimizes downtime, and makes it less likely for zombies to take you out while you're reloading. This works on basically every gun and is a great first prestige as it will be used all the time.
Stopping Power +15% Gun Damage A standard damage increase with no downsides. However, the gun must fire bullets or lasers to benefit.
Bullet Storm +30% Attack Speed A higher rate of fire always means more damage, though the recoil is liable to become an issue sooner.
Steady Aim +45% Accuracy & Control Many weapons can benefit from an increase in accuracy, and reduced recoil will make them easier to handle in combat.
Lucky Charm +7.5% Crit Chance An excellent choice for general use, especially on high-capacity or automatic weapons, as it provides them with a consistent increase in damage during high waves.


Spending the first 10 waves with melee can be a handy way to have money for the midgame, but you need a proper build in order to avoid an untimely death.

Perk Effect Notes
Life Leech +5.25 HP/kill Gives you the health you lose from meleeing zombies. You aren't getting away with melee otherwise!
Vampirism +3.75% Lifesteal Similar to Life Leech, though it'll also heal you through dealing damage and improve your survival. It works in the same way as wither does in that it scales off pale zombie health.
Ravage +9% Crit Chance

+15% Attack Speed

Faster attacks and a crit chance combine to make you a quick, efficient killer in combat.
Concealed Carry +15% Crit Chance

(<3 Wt: Less Crit)

A great option for clutch lethality on high difficulties. It won't work with the knife though!
Bloodthirst +21% Damage Maintains the 1-2 hit kills of your melee weapons as they near the tenth wave, or if you're playing with teammates.
Juggernaut +30% Resistance 23% reduced damage if you're ever worried you'll get hit a lot.
Shockproof -75% Indirect Damage A simple solution to Flamers, Toxics, and Boomers, allowing you to strike them all down with no fear. If you see any of them around, you probably want this over Juggernaut.


Knowing how to properly make use of your launcher's greatest strengths is the recipe for a formidable defense.

Perk Effect Notes
Fireworks +15% Radius The more zombies hit, the better.
Shadow Rounds 16% Shadow Chance Imagine being able to fire your launcher two or three times before reloading! This doesn't happen often, but you'll be pleased when it does.
Deep Mags+ +50% Clip Size Doubles all single-shot launchers to two shots. Nothing else needs to be said about how powerful that is.
Speed Load +30% Reload Speed Faster reload means faster fire rate.
Glass Cannon +24% Damage

Take double damage

You'll be in the back line or firing from the rooftop so it's highly unlikely for you to be in danger.
Danger Close +21% Exp. Damage

1% Self Damage

Your distant support position makes it unlikely for you to hurt yourself, but being overrun could make this a problem.
Air Burst 2.1s Air Stun Use this with launchers that have ≤400 range and zombies will have a hard time coming near! Got high tier CQB mods? Use those too!


Critical hits deal triple damage, but no weapon has crit chance at base. However, some weapons can gain crit chance from upgrades making them prime choices for certain perks.

Perk Effect Notes
Lucky Charm +7.5% Crit Chance The standard option for increasing crit chance. It may or may not be the best option depending on the weapon used, but it is definitely a prime choice for scoring crits in late waves.
Concealed Carry +15% Crit Chance

(>3 Wt: Less Crit)

A popular choice for pistols and SMGs early on, providing a handy bonus that goes well with their light weight.
Rifleman +15% Crit Chance

Single-shot Rifles only

Any semi-automatic Rifle counts towards this, but giving them an automatic upgrade removes the benefits.
Critical Plus +75% Crit Damage Save it for a weapon with high crit chance, preferably 35% or higher, or you won't get much out of this.
Arm Breaker 2s Crit Debuff:

-45% Direct Damage

Indicated by blue sparkles, it's a great option to protect yourself or your teammates from dangerous opponents. Also useful for chainsaw builds!
Back Breaker On Crit:

6 Knockback

A good way to keep the zombies from reaching you in early waves. It'll only work a few times on each zombie though, so don't expect much from it later on.


Smart usage of gear can mean the difference between victory and defeat. If you aren't the greatest shot or you want to benefit the team whether or not you have a weapon in your hands, you may appreciate these perks quite a bit.

Perk Effect Notes
Lightning Charge+ +50% Recharge Speed A great option for any equipment you can carry more than one of, and invaluable in every gear-heavy build.
Tower Defense +30% Ammo/Duration Gas Cans, Sentries, and Ammo Boxes are a few examples of gear that can really benefit from this.
Long Burn +60% DoT Duration Ensures the Gas Can's effects will be felt long after the zombies leave the fire. However, it's more effective when it is used from a long distance.
Fast Burn -30% DoT Duration Makes damage over time more effective when used up close, since you want the zombies to be quickly weakened before they have a chance to close the gap.
Shadow Gear 20% Shadow Chance Provides a good chance for your gear to not be used up and still be ready on the same or later waves!
Weightlifter+ +6 Weight Limit For when you just don't have enough gear.


If you're in a real bind and need something to push the enemy wave back, sometimes the only option is to have someone sacrifice themselves. If that's going to happen, you may as well get the most out of each death.

Perk Effect Notes
Avenger Upon teammate death:

30s of 100% crit

When a teammate dies, their firepower goes with them. It's a prime opportunity to boost your own and push the zombies all the way back for a lengthy period of time.
Charmer 37.5 stud attraction This'll make all zombies in a wide area move towards you and not attack nearby allies. This can come in handy for a variety of strategies, including setting up sacrifices outside the attraction zone.
Undying Upon taking lethal hit:

15s life, infinite ammo

Combine it with a powerful weapon using a small clip, and you'll have a huge amount of firepower for a short period of time. Otherwise, you don't have to worry about reloading.
Escape Artist 3 Escape Attempts

Recharges in 5 nights

Use this with Undying so you are capable of pushing zombies back and giving yourself a little breathing room instead of dying immediately after exiting the shop.


You're gonna want to bring the right stuff for the job. Included in here are weapons that are quite useful, and a few notable ones that really aren't.

For a detailed view of all the weapon stats you can check out this table and see their base and maxed stats.


Try not to use these without a melee perk build.

  • Knife - A basic choice for Wave 1. Be sure to buy Golden Blade before heading out there!
  • Baseball Bat - An immediate improvement that can be acquired on Wave 2. Capable of inflicting bleeds and stuns to keep enemies from attacking.
  • Katana - A fast, highly damaging improvement that can be obtained on or before Wave 5. Its lifesteal effect will keep you in the fight for much longer.
  • Chainsaw - The perfect choice for cutting through hordes on any wave, with its only weakness being the need to replenish ammunition. Its effectiveness can be greatly extended with the perfect build.

Small Arms

  • Pistol - The most basic firearm around. It's weak, but at least it's free. You can put it to good use for quite a few waves if you have the skills to do so.
  • USP - The professional's weapon of choice. It's a proficient and well-balanced weapon for its price, and it has no issues tackling the early waves.
  • Revolver - This weapon is strong enough to hold its own for the first ten waves. In addition, it's equipped with both Arm Breaker and crit chance, making it a potent option even against armored enemies.
  • Micro Uzi - With a lot of ammo and a faster fire rate than any conventional weapon in the midgame, it's a decent choice for combat. What it's really prized for, however, is its ability to make lots of cash early on.
  • Sawed Off - Most shotguns are a niche choice, but if you fully upgrade this one and use Undying, things can get quite chaotic. You can do this with the Double Barrel too, if you've got the trigger finger for it.

Laser Guns

  • Laser SMG - A slightly better spending choice than the Laser Pistol, even with the $10k buy in. Compared to the Uzi, it has a great deal more power and speed, and running to the ammo box isn't required. Perhaps the recharge time isn't as bad as it sounds.
  • Laser Rifle - With a combination of high accuracy, range, fire rate, and low recoil, this weapon is more than capable of holding its own in the midgame and is well worth the investment.
  • Energy Rifle - A useful option, but it's hard to justify making the investment. It works best when used with Reserve Cooling and run as a backup as it can then be brought out to decimate special zombies in a pinch.
  • Laser Minigun - If you're going to spend $350k just to own the base version, you may as well have the maxed Minigun instead. It's not particularly impressive and definitely not within your budget unless you're on Easy or Normal.

Sniper Rifles

  • Sniper Rifle - An armor-piercing weapon that isn't reliant on headshots can be a powerful option. In addition to the well-balanced stats, it also comes with low weight and a critical chance that can be built around to make a deadly long-range weapon.
  • M24 - An interesting weapon of choice due to it possessing a very high critical chance as well as the ability to pierce multiple targets. It's one of the few weapons that pairs effectively with Headshot Stash.

Special Weapons

  • Crossbow - The Flintlock Rifle is nice and all, but it's too slow for early game use. If you want to go even more antique than the Revolver, though, this is more than capable of swift, lethal headshots.
  • M2 Flamethrower - The one weapon that doesn't need Quick Swap, and is a devastating choice overall. You won't have any issues helping your team hold the line with this strapped to your back.


  • M79 - A swift, cost-effective choice for crowd control of all varieties and waves. With a high radius and a parabolic arc, it is well-suited to rapid fire and makes for a great crowd control option.
  • RPG-7 - While it surely loses out in the speed department, it makes up for this by delivering a serious amount of raw power which is sure to leave the area scorched. It's generally not considered to be the best tradeoff, however.
  • RG-6 - It seems like a fairly average weapon when it comes to blowing things up, but it has an immense advantage in its clip size and the ability to debilitate zombies with shrapnel.

Heavy Weapons

  • M249 - Your standard, run-of-the-mill LMG, which does about as well as can be expected at its price point, but will surely leave you wanting for more in the lategame. Fortunately, you won't have to worry about draining the ammo box with this gun.
  • M82 - A bigger, badder variant of the sniper rifles that doesn't compromise on stopping power. It is an incredibly valuable weapon on higher difficulties, where it easily pierces through the armor other bullets and explosives struggle to make a dent in. It's not very hard on the ammo box either!
  • M60 - Imagine this: a light machine gun with a high fire rate, and lots of ammo, with the damage and pinpoint accuracy of a sniper rifle. That's this gun right here. The high weight and lethargic reload time means this weapon isn't well suited to solo runs, but its high headshot ratio allows it to rapidly gain momentum in any wave.
  • Minigun - The backbone of the late waves, after all it does exactly what you would expect a minigun to do. Be wary, though; this weapon has a ravenous appetite and will empty your team's ammo reserves quickly. Be sure not to have more than two of these around at any given time, and be sure to invest in reload speed.


  • Energy Drink - It restores your lost stamina and gives you the opportunity to unleash hell on the zombies for a short period of time, ideal for rapid fire weaponry. But is it worth taking the time to drink?
  • Experimental Drink - Provides a great increase in headshot damage, resistance, and potentially even attack speed for an extended period of time. For that much time, it's probably worth taking a sip or two.
  • First Aid Kit - A useful choice for keeping you and your teammates in the fight, as it is capable of restoring health and armor.


  • Zombie Arm - Lures zombies away for 10 seconds, which can be exactly what you need to turn the tables during a boss wave. The only enemy that can't fall for it lives exclusively in the city.
  • Molotov - Think of it like a mini gas can that can be thrown to create fire in a pinch. It has a smaller radius but it's still as deadly as fire can get.


  • Gas Can - Leaves a wide blanket of fire across an area, decimating most zombies who wander through. It's a popular choice among veteran survivors, and for good reason. Save some room in your inventory for a few of these.
  • Deployable Ammo - Provides extra ammo wherever it's needed, and quick. However most people would prefer to save the space for something that actively keeps the zombies at bay.
  • Sentry Gun - A fast-firing, high-capacity bullet hose that works without any user input. It'll put a dent in any zombie horde that wanders near, especially when equipped with wither rounds.
  • Heavy Sentry - The Sentry's big brother. It's been nerfed recently but it still packs a punch at long range and against Wraiths. Plus, you can refill it at the end of each wave or in the middle of combat!
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