Weapons are the main means of defense against enemies in The Final Stand 2. Most are purchased and upgraded in the Shop, with some exceptions. Each weapon is unique and has its own characteristics.

Weapons are separated into two main categories: main and gamepass. Main weapons can be bought in the Shop with no outside fee, while gamepass weapons require a gamepass for use.

Main Weapons Edit

These weapons are part of the main game, and can be obtained without the prerequisite of owning a gamepass.

Pistols Edit

These weapons have low damage and low ammo capacity. They are most often used in the early-game.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
Pistol Free Good for personal defence. Starter weapon.
Luger $3000 A slimmer, slightly more accurate side arm.
Revolver $9000 Lightweight damage dealer.
M93R $18000 A compact, burst fire pistol.
Desert Eagle $30000 One of the most powerful sidearms in the world.

Submachine Guns Edit

These weapons function similarly to assault rifles, but tend to deal less damage and are typically used at an earlier point in the game.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
Micro Uzi
Micro Uzi $12500 A lightweight, cheap, fast firing SMG.
Sterling $20000 A cheap and effective SMG.
Thompson $30000 Fast firing with a large magazine.
UMP45 $47500 Compact, heavy hitting SMG.
P90 $52500 A very compact, high velocity SMG.

Assault Rifles Edit

These weapons have strong damage and high ammo capacity, being used mostly during mid-game.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
M16 $35000 A classic burst fire assault rifle.
AK-47 $42500 It's actually an AKM.
AUG $50000 A scoped bullpup assault rifle, very accurate.
M4 $57500 A standard issue assault rifle.
SCAR-H $67500 A heavy duty combat rifle; slow and heavy hitting.

Shotguns Edit

These weapons fire multiple bullets/projectiles per shot at the cost of low accuracy and low range. These weapons are usually used to generate cash or power through the early game.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
Stakeout $17500 A mobile, lightweight shotgun.
Double Barrel Shotgun
Double Barreled Shotgun $27500 Double the barrels, double the fun.
Trench Gun
Trench Gun $35000 A larger, heavier shotgun.
M1014 $45000 A semi-automatic shotgun.
AA-12 $55000 A fully automatic shotgun.

Rifles Edit

These weapons have a low rate of fire, but do high damage. They are extremely effective against uncommon and boss zombies, being usable throughout the entirety of the game.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
Flintlock Rifle
Flintlock Rifle $6000 A cheap rifle, for some heavy fire power.
M1 Garand
M1 Garand $12000 A robust, clip fed, heavy duty rifle.
DMR $25000 Designed for medium to long range combat.
Intervention $42500 Not recommended for use without scope.
M24 $65000 Can be used without scope.

Melee Weapons Edit

These weapons have low range, but deal high damage and require no ammo (with the exception of the Chainsaw). They are commonly used either in the early game or in the late game with powerful Perk setups. Interestingly, these weapons do not have an official weapon type. They share a display case with launchers.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
Melee Free You need a good knife. Starter weapon. Press V to melee.
Military Axe
Military Axe $7500 Chop, chop!
Katana $27500 Slide and dice!
Chainsaw $37500 Automatic zombie cutting device. Consumes ammo.

Launchers Edit

These weapons fire an explosive projectile. They are typically used in the late game and are used to wipe out or weaken large crowds of zombies. They share a display case with the melee weapons.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
M79 $45000 A cheap and simple grenade launcher.
RPG-7 $70000 A cheap and effective rocket launcher.

Heavy Weapons Edit

These weapons tend to be both extremely expensive and extremely powerful, being almost necessary to use in the late game. Heavy weapons tend to deal high damage and consume a lot of ammo.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
RPK $62500 A bigger, badder AK.
M249 $75000 Belt fed destruction device.
M82 $100000 Desperate times call for big guns.
Minigun $125000 It's a minigun, what's else to say?

Laser Weapons Edit

These weapons are sold by the Mobile Shop and are only available for purchase once every five days without upgrades. They do not consume ammo, but instead recharge over time.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
Laser Pistol $20000 A 2 round burst laser pistol.
Laser SMG
Laser SMG $35000 A high fire rate experimental Laser SMG.
Laser Rifle $70000 An experimental, liquid cooled laser rifle.
Laser Shotgun
Laser Shotgun $85000 A triple shot burst fire laser shotgun.
Energy Rifle $120000 Experimental high powered laser weapon.
Energy Sword
Energy Sword $60000 A Beta model Energy Sword, successor to the Alpha Model.

A sword powered by pure energy, can be overcharged for extra damage and effects.

Laser Minigun
Laser Minigun $250000 A high powered laser minigun. Only 1 in stock. Only one can be owned at any given time.

Gamepass Weapons Edit

These weapons are available on the second floor of the Shop, only available via the purchase of their given gamepass. Each gamepass section has five weapons and five weapons only.

Overkill Edit

These items tend to focus on high amounts of carnage and overkill.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
Dynamite $7500 Meant for blowing Rocks not Zombies! Utility item.
M203 $20000 Try not to blow your hand off.
USAS-12 $62500 High-damage, semi-automatic shotgun.
PSG1 $85000 High-powered, semi-automatic rifle.
M60 $115000 Slow, accurate, heavy recoil and damage.

Pirates vs Ninjas Edit

These items function as a mix of ninja and pirate-styled items and are both cheap and effective.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
Flintlock Pistol $500 A cheap pistol, for some heavy firepower.
Shuriken $1000 Throwable ninja starts! Deal damage on impact.

Not the most practical killing weapon.

Utility item.
Blunderbuss $7500 Fires all shots at once.
Crossbow $10000 A concealable, compact crossbow.
Cutlass $15000 A quick, medium ranged sabre. Shiver me timbers!

BBQ Pack Edit

These items revolve around high rates of fire, both figuratively and literally.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
Flare Gun $5000 Not the idea incendiary weapon.
Fire Axe $17500 A slow but powerful axe. Doesn't actually start fires.
Sawed-off Shotgun $22500 Boom boom!
Flamethrower $40000 Well it's one way to start a fire.
Vector $57500 Low recoil, high rate of fire, near silent.

Demolitions Pack Edit

These weapons focus on high damage, heavy-area destruction.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
C4 $10000 The bomb has been planted. Utility item.
Python $26000 A high powered revolver.
Sledgehammer $32500 A slow and heavy demolition hammer. Smashing!
CAR-15 $60000 An older assault rifle with an underslung grenade launcher.
RG-6 $80000 An expensive revolver-styled grenade launcher.

Classic Pack Edit

These weapons are a homage to the old era of ROBLOX and tend to function in a very vanilla-like manner.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
SMG $17500 Compact, classic, SMG.
Sword $22500 A light sword with powerful blows. Scavenged from a different era.
Shotgun $37500 The original Shotgun.
Sniper Rifle $50000 The latter of the bygone rifles.
Rocket Launcher $90000 A modified, ancient launcher.

SWAT Pack Edit

These items are a nod to the weapons used by conventional SWAT teams and revolve around crowd control and espionage.

Image Weapon Price Caption Notes
USP $5000 An accurate, surpressed pistol.
Stun Grenade $7500 A non-lethal grenade which will stun all nearby enemies after detonation. BANG! Utility item.
Gas Grenade $10000 A grenade that will unleash poisonous gas after detonation. You smell something? Utility item.
MP5 $25000 Compact, high rate of fire and a large magazine.
R870 $32500 A standard issue shotgun loaded with breaching shells.