Basics Edit

Zombie Bait is what appears to be a dismembered 2.0 arm. This could've come from a fallen zombie, a survivor, or maybe just synthetic. Whatever the case might be it is very effective at zombie crowd control.

Upgrades Edit

Upgrade Description Effect Levels Price
Frozen Food Increases the lure time of your Zombie Bait. Lure Time +2.5s 1 $3,000
Extra Limbs Increases the maximum amount of Zombie Bait you can hold. Max Amount +1 1 $5,000
Fresh Meat Increases the lure radius of your Zombie Bait. Radius x2 3


Strategies Edit

  • Use this to save yourself from death.
    • You don't have to throw the bait far, in-fact if the bait is not within range of you, the bait will not save you.
  • Use it to stall the last few seconds of the night or use it when the shop is gonna be attacked.
  • Try to save your bait for blood nights, as zombies are more aggressive especially once the Boss spawns and boosts the surrounding zombies.
  • Luring the zombies toward active equipment such as a Gas Can fire or a Gas Grenade poison field is pretty effective.
  • Lurkers are not lured by the bait. The same is true with Pipe Bomb.

Trivia Edit

  • The caption is a reference to Diablo and is commonly heard in Roblox zombie games in the pre-2012 era.

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